Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

  1. ruhenheiM
    in that case. bring it then
  2. shane55
    For Monday...
    SinnLug.jpg SinnCrown.jpg SinnSide.jpg SinnBack.jpg SinnDial2a.jpg
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  3. SilverEars

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  4. moedawg140 Contributor
  5. moedawg140 Contributor
    A trip to my local watch shop:

    AD576B38-21E0-4A75-8961-FCA6C83219F9.jpeg CAE6037B-92C6-40EB-A4AA-E4BFE7F5713D.jpeg E735A47F-038D-4922-8733-7F2205E0EB69.jpeg 3354EBE2-5E15-4D39-90E2-52C12DE5DF0E.jpeg 137F20B0-7875-4181-9813-DD17B877934E.jpeg CFF799C3-D1D5-496D-9E2D-17840A67F74F.jpeg CF125ED1-929A-4472-9645-82C424CC3266.jpeg C7FAE601-A65F-4B31-8DB6-F3DC134D4356.jpeg

    Here is a limited Carbon G-Steel: 8D055B0F-8B82-432C-A718-36306147FA33.jpeg

    Lovely clear model: B43F8F5B-2019-4226-9F9D-2F933D1FE25A.jpeg

    The one, the only - newest Rangeman, yours for only $800 USD: 83C7CBC5-C480-484F-A42E-14C09C214375.jpeg

    This is one of the largest G-Shock timepieces I’ve ever worn; my Orange King G-Shock is pretty big on my wrist, but is way lighter in overall weight compared to the absolutely GPS-feature-packed Rangeman, which weighs in at a hefty 142 grams, or around a third of a pound!
  6. shane55
    I want that Rangeman!!!!!
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  7. ruhenheiM
    it looks really thick
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  8. shane55
    Yup... it's pretty typical for the VJ7750. It's a thick movement.
    But it's also titanium... so light as a feather. :wink:
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  9. atarione
    new ebay purchase.. very pleased with this circa 93' example Citizen Diver's 200m chrono quartz

    1st orange watch..
  10. shane55
    Brilliant...! I love these.
    Used to own this one. A truly fun monster.

    AquaLand080902b.jpg Aqualung3.jpg AquaLand080902c.jpg AquaLand080902i.jpg
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  11. atarione
    Another vintage Citizen Today... I quite love this Wind Surfing watch from 91' (per serial #)

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  12. joseph69
    That's pretty cool looking, I've never seen anything like that before.
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  13. upstateguy
    Absolutely right because the main spring is at 6.... :L3000:
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  14. moedawg140 Contributor
  15. Tinnitus Man
    Speaking of Nixon....

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