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Watches - another passion of ours, it seems...post your pics!

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  1. pigmode

    I had a subdural hematoma at the right frontal/temporal lobe. You'd think the brain matter would pop back in place after the fluid drains, but it didn't. Talk about a life changing experience. Hang in there.
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  2. pigmode

    Do you know if the 5610 will stay charged adequately, sitting on a shelf in a curtained room?
  3. Trihexagonal
    I believe they claim it will maintain a charge to keep the watch running 6 months without being exposed to the Sun and a 10 year lifespan on the battery that holds the charge. It goes into PowerSaving mode at night, the screen turns blank and stays that way till exposed to light again.

    I've left them in a drawer for a couple weeks but usually leave the solar powered watches I have where they can get sunlight every day. From what I understand they're supposed to last longer if you keep them fully charged.
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  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    Thanks, means a lot. I’m humbled from everything; being bedridden and not being able to hear or walk, to my workout today was very satisfying and fun as well. My goal was to do 3-5 pull-ups today, but during rehab I performed 10 pull-ups about an hour ago. Very happy in that regard, and tomorrow I’m going to run a PE warmup to the rehab participants. Looking forward to better health!

    Head-fier and friend @Quadfather had a portion of his brain removed - he seems to be flourishing splendidly, in my opinion.
    For all of my solar G’s (including my solar/atomic 5600-based The Hundreds Limited Edition), I just wear them around from time to time outside, and those watches are charged automatically.

    Happy Holidays!
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  5. pigmode
    Well, I ordered a GW5000 1JF. Just had to have the whole enchilada. Not very pleased with my self-discipline at the moment. The only excuse is its a remake as I understand it, of a watch that had seen me through many great adventures.

    There's a Damasko Dsub-1 currently listed for sale, for which I'm tempted to put in an offer. Its by my estimate 2mm wider at the bezel, than my current watch, the latter of which I feel is an optimal size. Isn't it true that you can't tell if its not a keeper, until you have and then let it go?

    P.S. I like your drive, moedawg140.

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  6. Trihexagonal
    Sweet. Think of it as your Christmas present to yourself. :)
  7. pigmode
  8. pigmode
    They were taking forever to ship the GW5000, so I cancelled the order and went with this. Hate to repost pics but oh well, its Christmas. Would have been cool if the engraved sub were a close likeness of the German Type 212 sub.

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  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    For Christmas, my wife purchased me a Sankuanz x GShock GA-700 “Tundra” limited edition timepiece - inspired by arctic camouflage. Happy to have it, but even happier to be here above the ground to experience wearing it and other watches.


    Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!
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  10. Trihexagonal
    This is a Russian Победа, or Pobeda (Victory), made in 1957 at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory and the inscription at the bottom of the dial reads:

    1МЧЗ им Кирова
    1st Moscow Watch Factory


    The size of a mans watch has gotten considerably smaller over the years and this was the norm. You can tell a good mechanical watch by if the second hand starts to move as you first begin to wind it

    The 1st Moscow Watch Factory has a rich history and anyone interested in it or the history of Russian watches should find Sekondtime's Watches of the USSR a good resource.

    It goes on to tell about the other watches in my collection like the Vostok Amphibia dive watch and the Komandirskie which I plan on showing eventually.
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  11. pigmode
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  12. Trihexagonal
    That's a newly made Vostok Amphibia, meaning it's real and they actively still make them. I could tell by the dial, but there is also the script at the bottom. All mine are from the Soviet Era or shortly after.

    The people at the Russian watch forum at watchuseek.com said they thought the new ones were more cheaply made than the old ones, I don't know personally. I do know that the ones I have that were made before the fall have a serial number on the back case where those made after 1993 do not.

    Vostok makes a good watch and if you want a new one I'd look on their site to see what kind of selection they have. I've never owned one but have seen people happy with their purchase of one. Above all, don't get too rushed buying off ebay.

    There is a whole cottage industry of people in the Ukraine, mostly, with large chests full of watch parts that they assemble into a working watch, but one that was never officially made. (I have friends in the Ukraine so that is not to say everyone there is a crook. This is ebay I'm talking.) It might have the wrong dial, crown, case, etc. and is considered a counterfeit.

    I spent many a long, albeit enjoyable, night searching ebay for what a real Russian watch looks like as opposed to a counterfeit and studying sites like the one I referenced. Luckily, I never got stung and the people at the watch forums confirmed it. You can get some nice buys if you're an educated shopper, or not so much. I happened to find a Poljot still in the box with matching certificate and serial number one night.

    I bought almost all of mine through one Russian seller and we became friends over time and sales. He would sometime hold a watch for me till I got paid or take one off auction to sell me if I was really interested. His father is a watchmaker of over 30 years, too, and cleaned mine as a favor. If you're interested in an older watch I can put you in touch with him and give you my ebay name as reference. We talked about the fakes, too, so it's common knowledge in those circles. I trust him and he wouldn't sell junk.

    The Russian forum at that watch site has a lot of knowledgeable people and if you have a question about the authenticity of a watch they will be able to help you. If you're interested just make a thread with the link and they'll take a look for you. You can see lots of pictures of watches there and learn a lot as well.
  13. Trihexagonal
    It's going to take me a bit to find that guys store.I don't remember his ebay ID and don't think my purchase record go back that far. Here is a trusted long-time seller with a large selection of watches. This is one in his store like in the link you posted, but with a different dial and $12-15 or so higher. If it was me, I'd buy from him as he is known in the community.

    Here are pix of two I already had pictures of, both are Vostok dive watches good to 200 meters. The top has 17 Jewels and is on a stingray band. The bottom is on an aftermarket and very comfortable link bracelet. Both have anti-magnetic shielding and that's the word top middle of the dial. Boctok = Vostok


    After seeing your submarine watch I had to get mine out. :p You can tell I've worn it a lot.

    Now, there is a Vostok Amphibia and a Vostok Komandirskie. If you notice, the bottom watch has the Komandirskie designation under the red star but is an Amphibia. It's legit and I have a different one that is like it. They can have no special markings like the top, military themes, scenes of famous buildings like shrines or churches, commemorate something, etc.

    Another resource: http://www.russianwatchguide.com/
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
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  14. pigmode

    Thanks for the great primer, Trihexagonal. Is your Vostok Komandirskie pictured above USSR vintage? Not being too concerned with wear as opposed to function, what would be a good price range for a vintage user?
  15. Trihexagonal
    Here is the store of my Russian friend, Alexey, of Soviet rarities, or his ebay ID of svtrrts.

    The watches made during the rein of the Soviet Union all have the CCCP mark at the bottom. I bought my Sub watch off some kid in the US for about $20, but I was at the right place in the right time. The chain bracelet cost about the same. The Vostok watch bands are supposed to be uncomfortable at best. I do have some other Russian bands that aren't bad.

    Here is one like my sub watch Alexy has for $67:


    The original Vostok with the frogman on the dial is very collectable, at $150, but that's probably about right for as good of shape it's in:


    Here is a sweet Komandirskie that was only made available to Soviet officers in their PX for $85. It has a special inscription at the bottom only these watches have. I have one and the paint on the dial is known to lightly crack, but that's expected and considered like a patina. The dial on this one looks nicer than mine:


    Dude, if I hadn't bought another Thinkpad a couple days ago I'd be buying watches right now.

    I recommend doing business with this guy though., I think you'll be happy with his products and service. I'll PM you my ebay ID and you can say I recommended him to you as a great guy to do business with and always having good, authentic Russian watches. You may be able to bargain him down on the price. He will work with you.
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