Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

  1. Podster
    I'm not sure which movie but Tom Cruise is playing with one in a recent flick! Getting closer to Dick Tracey all the time, no pun intended:wink:
  2. gelocks
    One of my favorites coming from a micro, was the Model A from Seals:

    Give them a ring/message to see if they still have some left. Not as detailed or as well engineered as the AP of course (duh!?) but it has that Genta style that you might appreciate and it wears well (I had it)

    Good luck.
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  3. vibin247
    Been enjoying this piece for a while now 2017-08-03_11.11.47_1[1].jpg
  4. cathee
    What's a reasonable price range for you?
    Do you need/want the chrono? The tourbillon?

    Gerald Genta is like the Picasso of watch designers: game-changer, trend-setter, copy-inspirer. There are a lot of similar knock-offs and homages, but the original holy trinity is the AP Royal Oak, PP Nautilus, IWC Ingeniuer. All drop-dead gorgeous in my opinion.
  5. bigfatpaulie
    I take it you mean as far as Genta designs are concerned?
  6. Acemcl
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  7. Trihexagonal
    I have a collection of approximately 90 Soviet Era Russian watches, 10 being pocket watches. Here are two of my favorites.

    First a Zlatoust from 1957 with the first true Russian movement and folk-art scene on the dial:


    Edit: Next is a limited edition Molnija (lightning) watch, , from the 25th Annual Biathlon World Championships (where you ski and shoot) held in 1990 in Minsk, Belarus, which at the time was still part of the Soviet Union. The text on the front signifies the UIPMB, or Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne et Biathlon, the governing body of the event in 1990. The text on the back reads World Championship - Minsk - 1990:


    Several of the others are limited editions or one-of-a-kind I'll get pix of later.
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  8. Trihexagonal
    Here's three more of my Molinja, Russian for lightning, pocket watches.

    Russian tractor, the red marking on the 9 line is the Soviet High Quality symbol. The circles on the end of the hands are known as "moon hands":

    The Tale of Ural watch, the design is based on a monument by Vitaly Semenovich Zaykov. Ural is a giant from Russian folklore that rode a giant lion and fought with Death, and when Death tried to hide from him in a lake he drank it. When he laid down to go to sleep his body formed the Ural Mountain range and lays there still:

    Serkisof Turkish National Railways watch. Serkisof was an Istanbul-based jeweler and special ordered these watches, which sold to the Turkish National Railways. Demiryolu is Turkish and means railway. It has a metal plate inside the back cover, over the mechanism, as an antimagnetic shield.:
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  9. Xamdou
    The first time I spent so much on a strap but looks so darn good. Shout-out to Combat Straps
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  10. Dreamnine
    Rado Diastar:

  11. shane55
    Just for fun. First day of ownership.
    Sorry it's out of focus.

    Seiko Solar2.jpg
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  12. bigfatpaulie
    Love it @shane55 !!

    I have one too and it's a fantastic watch. On our yearly escape away from snow:

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  13. shane55
    Hey bigfatpaulie....
    Unlike you, I run TO the snow!! Since it's nothing but hot here...
    And this new beast is a beauty. Well built and handsome! I have wanted one since I first saw it. Wife says it looks like all my other watches. I guess I never should have told her it's a new one...
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  14. moedawg140 Contributor
  15. dropbassnotbomb
    That drive thru car wash video was hilarious, I almost jizzed in my pants while watching it.

    How many youtube subscribers do you have?

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