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Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Member Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD

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  1. JL3001
    Would definitely be interested in hearing either of those! Never heard the Argons.
  2. sheldaze
    I've read on other sites that the ECP sound goes well with Grado - I would like to hear.

    Same sentiment - bring what you've got! Last meet had a few HD800S, but each one was welcome.
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    I will also have an rme adi-2

    As my primary doc so I'm going to be feeding mine coax in from a topping d10 so that may be a configuration you haven't heard

    I also don't run auto ref I set the reference level to the lowest possible to give me the Headroom I want

    And I believe I'm using the SD sharp filter as well

    And I too will have the Avia but my hd800 has an sdr mod and an audio Envy copper cable so it will likely sound a bit different from stock or hd800s model

    So a little bit of overlap isn't bad as our systems are likely different enough to make small but apparent changes to Total presentation and whatnot
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  4. DavidW
    I will be there. Haven't attended a meet in a while and looking forward to it. I will bring my Chord MojoPoly and Focal Clears. Looking to try out / talk to folks about upgrading cables for the Clears and if it is worthwhile.
  5. bigshel99
    I'm embarrassed and at the same time proud to say.."I don't have enough space in my car to bring everything I have" :o2smile:

    BTW: How do you like the Verum 1?
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  6. bigshel99
    @Audeze Can you send a pair of the LCD-GX for us to demo? I wouldn't mind hearing those.
    I am really glad to see the level of enthusiasm and the selection of gear that everyone is bringing!

    This was originally meant to be a small get-together but now I am wondering about accommodating everyone comfortably!

    The Kentlands Carriage House does have three sturdy 8 foot tables for heavier gear and half a dozen card tables that will hold portable gear nicely. But the room itself is relatively compact, which means everyone will be right next to each other.

    There is no charge to use the Carriage House. If we want to significantly expand the amount of available space, we could rent the Club House again for $285. We would also then have to move the event up an hour to clear that space by 5:00 p.m.

    Schiit generously picked up the cost of the larger space rental the last time we were at the Club House location. If anyone else would like to consider doing so for this Saturday, shoot me a note.
  8. kendavis
    I'll contribute $100. Anyone else...
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  9. kendavis
    Meanwhile... I can bring tables and some chairs if needed. Let me know.
  10. tommyhtc
    I'll be happy to contribute 50 bucks as well. If we get the larger venue, do we know if we get more time? Or is it still going to be around 4 hours, and in this case from 1-5?
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  11. bigshel99
    Come on @iFi audio ... Your turn to sponsor!
  12. sheldaze
    They're good, but hope you have a chance to listen. I will probably change the pads, and keep these.

    I am in the shallow end of the pool - I could contribute $50.
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  13. kendavis
    For either venue... that is.
  14. kendavis
    Looks like we're up to $200... we're pretty close. Anyone else?
  15. willsw
    LTA will throw in $100 as well.
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