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Washington, DC./Maryland/Virginia Head-Fi Member Meet - May 18, 2019 - Gaithersburg, MD

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  1. kendavis
    We made it to the Head-Fi home page!
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  2. Mshenay Contributor

    Also I will have a Lyr and Modi 3 at this event! But please please please don't invite me to any long dinner or drink outings [ok maybe ONE QUICK el Cheapo drink n snack]! But really I need to sleep right after I pack up from this event no more extended after show dinners. Last one cost me a vehicle haha... ahh it's not funny though but seriously I've got a hotel I need to be at by 8:30 so I can get a quick 5hour nap before I hit the road

    So I'm looking forward to meeting every one and maybe sharing a super fast drink & snack, that said travel safely every one!

    I also like that this is starting at 2pm, good timing and the ending at 6 is nice too.
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    Thanks for your effort on this, Ken!
    Yay! See you in a couple of days!
  5. FrackKrak
    This’ll (assuming my schedule stays in tact) be my first meet! Can’t offer much as I’m just diving in to the hobby but I do have an oppo PM-3 and an HA2SE to pair with it if anyone wants to try a killer portable set up. Pads are dingy but I got some new ones on the way (unfortunately won’t be there in time for the meet)

    Also if the stars align and USPS pulls through I should have a pair of Ether Flow 1.1 Open’s to bring. Don’t have much in the way to power it but it’ll l come with a 4-pin balanced XLR termination if anyone wants to bring a converter for their amp.

    @PJABBER any clue if ifi will have purchasable units at their stand ? Or is it solely demos?
    I'm bringing the iFi units as demos, will check to see if they would agree to sell them at a discounted price after the meet.

    The xDSD and the xCAN are brand new in the box, the only use they will have on them will be from the meet auditioning. The micro iDSD Black Label has some demo time on it but I don't know how much.

    As I mention in a previous post, it is usually best to buy demo units from authorized retailers that can accept payments + applicable sales taxes as well as offer warranty servicing and after sales support. I am not a retailer, have no way to accept payments and am certainly not being paid for demoing, so any support would have to come directly from iFi if they do agree to sell these units.
    I also want to mention that I will be giving away the AGPtek digital audio players that I'm bringing to the meet.

    AGPtek is generously offering these DAPs to meet attendees, asking only that you post your honest reviews on Head-Fi or Amazon once you have had a chance to audition the devices at home.

    These are brand new in the box items, only use will be at the meet. Most of them have expandable microSD storage capability, so do bring a microSD card with your favorite music loaded in MP3 and FLAC formats to try them out.

    The retail values range from $30 - 150, so it is really nice of AGPtek to do this.
  8. Vitandus
    Oh man! I won't be in town!
  9. sheldaze
    Planning to bring a few things people asked about at the last meet - various HD6x0 headphones, a NOS source, Verum 1 and some other planar headphones in a similar price/performance range:

    Audeze LCD-2 Classic
    EC BW2
    ECP DSHA-1
    HiFiMan HE4XX (mod)
    Metrum Acoustics Onyx
    Sennheiser HD58x, HD580, HD600 (mod), HD650 (3 mods)
    Verum 1

    The HD600 (if it arrives in time for the meet) and one of the HD650 are a custom modification known as JAR. These are only available direct from a Head-Fi member who does the modification. The other two HD650 modifications have well-publicized you-can-do yourself instructions, requiring removal of the spider cage and adding dampening materials. The Sennheiser headphones are dynamic - I enjoy these on the ECP. The other headphones are planar, and are easy enough to drive via the EC. The modification to the HE4XX was originally referenced as Code-X lite. I will bring stock pads and my preferred MrSpeakers Ether C angled pads for the Verum. The Ether pads are a little loose (currently using an arts and crafts metal ring from Michael’s). I may switch permanently to the Ether pads in future (swapping for the stock metal ring on the stock pads). At the last meet, someone asked about R2R source options. The Onyx is an R2R NOS, which is the opposite end of the spectrum vs. Schiit Gungnir or Soekris.
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  10. schneller
  11. Silverion77
  12. whohasaquestion
    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will have a 789 in time for the meet.

    Massdrop has been silent on the February drop w/ May 17th delivery.

    Was really hoping to show up with more gear than just my Grado.
  13. schneller
    Thanks. I am most curious how it compares to Gumby.
  14. bigshel99
    If I can make it (and remember), I can bring my 58X.
  15. bigshel99
    Hmm... since you're bringing the 58x's, I won't duplicate. Maybe I'll bring the Sendy Aiva or the Argons to round out the planars you're bringing.
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