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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by oopsydaisy, Dec 21, 2017.
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    Hey, guys. It's been a long time since I've posted. I've been checking out this section for a while, looking for a slightly warm dac/amp for use with iOS devices that has decent power single ended and has mFi certification so I don't have to mess around with messy dongles. I've tried the Mojo, but what a mess for hooking up to an iPhone. I haven't tried the HA-2SE, but from I've read of it and it's predecessor, I feel it may be too analytical for my taste. I took a chance and tried the Fiio Q1 MkII, and it's pretty disappointing in the power department, but not unexpected. My favorite sounding dac/amp when I used my iPod as a source was the TTVJ Slim. If they made an mFi version of that, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Without reading every thread in here, is there another device I'm missing? I understand mFi certification is a pain, but I feel these manufacturers would sell a lot more units with it. Not everyone wants to walk around with a huge stack to listen to music on the go. Some people just want to use better quality, more power hungry headphones with their iPhones than what Apple packs in. Thanks for reading
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    Just to add to this, I'd be using this mostly with my SE535s (Red) and Edition 8s while commuting via subway.
  3. oopsydaisy
    128 views, no replies. Guess there isn't much out there that fits my criteria after all.

    I’m in the same boat, looking to get a convenient and decent dac/amp for my iPhone.

    I should probably state that I don’t consider myself an audiophile, but would still like to improve what can be improved without spending a fortune on it. Headphones in the current rotation are the Monster Inspiration over-ear’s, AKG K451 on-ear’s, and Nocs NS500 in-ear’s, so the same there...gives me more pleasure than the EarPods, but not a fortune spent on it and now I’m looking to see if a dac/amp could squeeze out even a little bit more pleasure and fun from them. :)

    As of now I have two on my list that as far as I understand are mfi: Shanling UP and Advanced Accessport.
    I struggle to make up my mind, but leaning towards the Shanling UP (based on what I’ve read only, have not had a chance to try either out). The main thing holding me back is that it seems the original UP stopped working with iOS 10.3 (indicating not proper mfi), a problem which to my understanding have been addressed on a newer version and the product page on their website even states “iOS 10.3 or newer”. However, I’ve only seen one reseller actually stating it’s the new version compatible with 10.3 and later they are selling and I’m a bit worried to receive an outdated one as the rest of them only states “iOS” without any further specifics.

    Thinking about it, I’m quite sure I’ve actually seen the sound profile of the Shanling UP being described as “warm” (and being true to the “Shanling house sound”, though I have no idea how to put that statement into context, but many seems to appreciate it...) so maybe that’s an appealing choice for you too?
    (I also like the fact it comes with a variety of cables so that it can be used with many different devices, while the Accessport has an integrated lightning cable.)

    If anyone have the possibility to elaborate on the comparison between the Shanling UP and the Accessport (sound-wise, I know the Accessport comes with a few neat-indeed features such as mic pass through and the possibility to charge while listening, but that is secondary to me) it would be awesome and very much appreciated!
    (Experienced or expected/theoretical comparison does not matter (just state which though), preferably ended with a recommendation on which one likely enhances the listening experience the most, ie being the best investment in that context.)

    Cheers! // P

    First post on the forum...I hope above brought some kind of value to the thread(?) and not coming through as hi-jacking it (which was not the intention)!
    Found the Shanling UP for a good price and the store confirmed it was the newer one and compatible with with iOS 10.3 and later, so I sent on and ordered it. Hope it was the right decision, we’ll see...

    (Out of curiosity I’m still interested in reading comparisons vs the Accessport if anybody have some input on that, it’s just not urgent any more though :wink: )

    Happy New Year everyone!

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