Warbler Audio's Prelude CIEM- a labour of love

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  1. hamhamhamsta
    What cable did you use? The cable that come with Prelude is just ok. You'll need to get better cables which would allow Prelude to show its abilities.
  2. ranfan
    @TAsme Or try different source. I find (surprisingly) that my laptop suits the Prelude's sound best. Maybe something's wrong with my ears, :) but I feel they have a better synergy, sounding better than my pricier players. The Prelude being warm in character, needs to be paired with a light-sounding, almost bright source IMO. Typical high-end players tend to tune the low-frequency so to make it feel warmer, and sound more natural. Giving a slight bump in the low-frequency. Done just right, it can make bass-notes sound better defined/resolved, realistic, and controlled. But lifted in excess could make presentation sounds kind of muddy. Just my two-cents. Alternatively, you can try the EQ to reduce the warmth, and increase clarity. Here is my preference for listening to female vocals if you'd like to try (YMMV).


    I also agree with Hamsta's suggestion of getting a higher quality cable. Since I believe it can provide a better signal-transmission, wear-comfort, and justice for your Prelude. Additionally, you can just try to give some more listening-time for your brain to adjust to Prelude's sound. I hope that'll help. I'm really liking my Prelude so far after initially felt weirded by its warmish sound TBH.
  3. TAsme
    Using the ares 2. my brain is getting used to the sound slowly
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  4. Deezel177
    Hey guys! @ranfan graciously allowed me to audition his Warbler Prelude yesterday and I posted my impressions on @flinkenick's Ranking the Stars thread. I've copied and pasted them here from your viewing (dis)pleasure. :D Enjoy!

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  5. jelt2359 Contributor
    Very well written! Thanks for the impressions!
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  6. jelt2359 Contributor
    PS are you getting one :)
  7. Deezel177
    I really appreciate the kind words, Jason, thank you! :D I'm really considering it, but I'm only days away from visiting MS for the first time in months. Getting the chance to try everything there again (including Calvin's Prelude) will certainly help put things into perspective, and I'll make my decision then.
  8. Virtu Fortuna
    Lieven posted his review on the Prelude on Headfonia. It indeed is a killer!
  9. proedros
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  10. Ultrainferno
    Yes, we finally got to publishing the Prelude review. While it performs exceptionally good, I do want to note that "killer" has to be seen in its context. Is it good/very good? Yes. Is it the very best? No, it has its limits.
    But all in all; what Warbler is doing with the Prelude, is really remarkable
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  11. Deezel177
    Great review, Lieven! I'll get to work on mine too as soon as I hear back from Baran. :D
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  12. ranfan
    The Prelude seems to favour a player which has less bass. After trying it out with WM1A, I found the sound to be a bit more dull probably due to the lift in bass that the 1A has; reducing the Prelude's airiness, and clarity. It has however, an excellent high-resolution that my laptop cannot match. The tone of the midrange now leans slightly more to the lower-mids, which doesn't suit my preference.. I really like it with the OPUS#2 though. It sounds so clear and transparent. The treble is just really smooth, emphasizing the Prelude's signature strength. The midrange is great, and perfectly balanced. The bass also becomes better, although it is not very strong. Just more resolved, and better-defined.
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  13. TAsme
    but it seems your search has not ended for the perfect IEM since you bought a Dita Dream and Jomo Samba too? @ranfan

    I did fully arrive. No more CIEM's needed. QP1R + Warbler Prelude = Love
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  14. Deezel177
    I had a similar experience with the WM1A on my Zeus. Everything sounded a bit dull and the Zeus's thick lower-midrange became too emphasised for my liking. I should be receiving my Prelude in a month if everything goes to plan; can't wait to give it a go and post impressions and possible pairing suggestions here. :D

    There is no such thing as a perfect IEM; only deterrents that delay you from inevitably realising that you need more than one. :p But, based on my short demo, the Prelude is nothing short of special. That is definitely for certain.
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  15. ranfan
    OPUS#2 + Warbler Prelude = Also love. :) Congrats on finding your 'one' @TAsme. QP1R sounds pretty good too.
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