Warbler Audio's Prelude CIEM- a labour of love

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  1. hamhamhamsta
    I eq my modded 1Z and used PW1960 4 core cable which has good subbass. But the answer is it will help but only to a point. However, quality of mid and high bass are very good, added amazing vocals and treble. I think the lack of subbass thereof is acceptable. And I'm coming from SE5U
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  2. Fabaaroan
    Yes the warbler prelude is an amazing ciem.
    the voices are remarkable with the prelude.their definition is excellent and what emotion in listening to the prelude.

    The details are also well restituted.

    I also loves the space that offers the prelude in his restitution.
    And the decay is very impressive too.

    The prelude is fantastic with folk accoutic music. I spend very good moments listening Paul Simon , Ray Lamontagne and James vincent McMorrow.

    And for "the lack of bass" you could change the cables.
    First when I received it with the stock cable (the linum) I found the bass to shine.
    But right now with the ares II or the pw audio N5 the bass are better (more texture and presence).
    And if you want more you could use the EQ the warbler answer very well.

    I test the prelude with the cowon plenue p2. I will test it also with an opus 3 next week.
    With the plenue 2 the prelude is fantastic and the combo offers a vevlet sound .

    I continue to test it before a complete review but I could tell that I appreciate a lot this ciem..

    I had by the past many iems (Sem9, Zeus XIV , Oriolus , all the Campfire audio line up, ...) and the prelude will be ranking very high...
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  3. Kerouac
    So nice to read that this iem fills more heads/hearts with joy...maybe they should have called it the Prozacelude :grin:
    I will surely order one myself (still listening with a loaner) later on this year!
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  4. ranfan
    Congrats! Are you getting the SE5 too? What do you think of the sound, in comparison with Prelude?
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  5. Kerouac
    Haha...if only I had that kinda budget mate :grin:
    But hey, who knows. Maybe later on my HF journey...

    To my ears the SE5U has a darker and more natural/realistic soundsignature with a wider soundstage and more/better subbass. It needs more power/volume to shine, and especially excells (great synergy) from my LPG.
    The Prelude seems to be more revealing (micro details) though, could this be because of its wonderful treble? Even in the bass it sometimes seems that I can hear micro details that I didn't notice with other iems so far.
    And the vocals just sound sooooo freaking sweet from this little bird :bird:

    Although I would say the SE5U is overall the better (performing) iem, the Prelude makes me often feel happy inside and isn't that what matters in the end? The level in which way an iem lets you enjoy your music?
    Imo they complement each other very well, so the SE5U will stay on my wishlist.
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  6. Fiberoptix

    May sound like a strange request as I'm sure they are very different but for reference sake would you be able to provide a description on how the Prelude sounds alongside the IT03. I'm just trying to get a feel for what to expect. Soundstage Qualities (particularly Spatial Cues) / Tonality / Resolution etc.

  7. TAsme
    Prelude finally arrived yiha. I did not have much time to listen to yet, but I already can say: this is not love at the first sight. But thats what Nic warned me about too and I will post my impressions after I have a good 50h on em :)
  8. jelt2359 Contributor
    Glad that others are loving the Prelude. These guys are really worth supporting- it sounds great and they're great people!
  9. hamhamhamsta

    Does Prelude scale up when you use Dave? Just curious, maybe you can describe the improvement
  10. Fabaaroan
    I confirm . These guys are really great.
    And their prelude too
  11. Kerouac
    Before answering this I first had to listen to my IT03 again, because I hadn’t used them for some time (weeks).

    First of all, I consider the IT03 an exceptional good performing iem for its only $259. I even think it would be hard to find a better performing/sounding iem in the < $500 pricerange. But with the Warbler Prelude you’re stepping into TOTL territory and to my ears the IT03 simply can’t hold up with that. IT03 has more subbass, what could be expected with its dynamic driver and probably a slightly wider soundstage (although the Prelude gives me a more 3D feeling), but the Prelude takes the cake on all the other signature aspects imo. It has much better resolution, imaging, treble and the tonality / note definition of the Prelude is simply beautiful (just listen how these vocals come alive) compared to that of the ITO3.

    I think the cliche ‘Now I hear things (let’s call them micro details) that I haven’t heard before in my music' would be your reward if you would get the Prelude alongside your IT03. Prelude is quite a (quality) step up to my ears and if the IT03 had been a contender in this contest (not fair of course, because of its price) it would most certainly have ended as #18, below all the others. But if you consider yourself a basshead, well in that case I wouldn’t advise the Warbler.
    Hope this helps...
    Sorry to read that. Maybe too much treble for your (I remember sensitive) ears at first listen?
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  12. TAsme
    @Kerouac Treble is no problem at all. I did not find a single song where the Prelude was harsh so far :)

    It feels like my brain needs quiet some time to get used to the sound signature of the Prelude. I will do a close up comparison with 20 of my favourite songs to the LE Aether which - for me - is the benchmark.
    First Impression was that the vocals are right in your face, no distance to the stage and therefore also lacking of stage depth (which is very good on the Aether imo). Also it sounded quiet "muddy". But let's see what some more hours with it will bring to the table :)
  13. Kerouac
    Interesting! :thinking:

    I agree that the vocals on the Prelude are more forward (in your face) than on the Aether. About the missing stage depth (in general, not vocals only) and especially the ''muddy'' part (which surprised me to be honest), I probably have to do some more A-B listening between them the upcoming days. I also have the Aether on a loan these days, but I haven't listened that much with it compared to the SE5U & Prelude so far.
  14. Fiberoptix
    Thanks for the comparison @Kerouac

    I think I'll be jumping on this early next year depending on what else is about. I've tried a fair few TOTL demo's at various events over the past couple of years but none have really stood out to me as being a big enough jump from the midfi stuff or enough of an improvement over my Heir 10 which I would place above the Katana (being the highest rated I have tried in the shootout) but that's because I don't get on with the bright signature (technically it is very good).

    I like rich and detailed mids with and refined/realistic/but not prominent treble which is the most important aspect for me because if I'm going for TOTL it's for genres with real instruments and vocals. I feel the midfi stuff does electronic genres very well as they do not usually have so much nuanced detail or need to portray realism.

    FYI I don't actually get on with the IT03 treble, whilst it is detailed, it lacks refinement which is noticeable by the emphasis of grain you get in the upper vocal range, it makes vocals sound unrealistic and digital to my ears. And whilst its good in sub bass there is too much lacking in the mid bass and lower mids for my tastes. However, it's the only thing we both have in our collections that could be used as a reference point.

    Yet to try anything in the top 5; the SE5, Warbler, Maestro V2 and UE 18+ all seem like my type of signature. Warbler obviously being the most accessible in price.
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  15. ranfan
    It doesn't have a lot of sub-bass, but overall shape of its bass, and its way of releasing notes smoothly with high definition makes Prelude 's bass sounds wonderful. It is an audiophile type of bass IMO.
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