WANTED - Lotoo PAW Gold - will trade HE-6, T 5 p, K845BT, M-100 w/ VAMP VERZA...
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TRADE PENDING:  I seek to get a Lotoo PAW Gold... without paying the gold!   I have become enamored of this player as a result of having the Lotoo PAW 5000, its little brother.
I have a number of top-quality items as described below from which I am happy to trade in some combination for the Lotoo.  All but the Sony Discman CD player are in like-new condition; all but Sony CD player have original packaging, as follows:
HiFiMAN HE-6:  I bought new 7 months ago from authorized dealer.  This is the precedessor to the highly-acclaimed HE1000 and has been claimed by many to be preferable in some ways (faster response to impact like drums), and has been the only headphone other than Stax that a significant number of folks have preferred to the respected Sennheiser HD 800.
Beyerdynamic T 5 p:  I bought new from an authorized dealer about 2 years ago.  These are the original generation, not the current second gen.  As a result, they have leather rather than pleather earpads and headband, but their cables are fixed not detachable.  The "p" indicates their portability, and when they first came out, they were regarded as the best-sounding closed headphone for iPods and iPhones.  I purchased them as my one closed pair to go with my numerous Grados, which are open, for the rare occasion when I needed closed headphones.
Parrot Zik 1:  These bluetooth wireless headphones won the Consumer Electronic Show award in January, 2012, when I noted them, but I had to wait until August for them to come out.   I used them so heavily that they wore out, and since I loved them so much, I bought a factory-refurbished second unit from an authorized dealer about 1 year ago, which is what I offer here.  These have active noise cancellation, have a striking black-and-silver design punctuated with orange flashes (which extends to their cable design) by French designer Philippe Starck, and they include an iOS / Android app that allows graphic equalization, room reverberation, and sound stage angle to be adjusted (they do NOT require the app to run, but only to change settings).
V-MODA M-100, VAMP VERZA, METALLO CASE for iPhone 5/iPod Touch 5 & 6, added iPod remote cord, and extra XL pads:  I bought he M-100 and METALLO case new from V-MODA; the VAMP VERZA was bought from a prolific reviewer here on head-fi.  I call this my "Rhapsody in Orange."  The M-100 is a ruggedly-constructed highly-regarded bass-emphatic closed headphone with customizable shields (I chose... orange!).  The VAMP VERZA is a DAC, amp, and iPhone charger with both USB and iPod Lightening connector inputs.  The Metallo case is the first holder that allows you to mount your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5 or 6 via a sliding rail to the VERZA (no rubber bands needed, and easy to remove!).  V-MODA also sells Metallo cases for other phones.  Causing the VERZA DAC to capture and control the iPod/iPhone is a bit dodgy (takes a couple of tries and switch flicks), but once synched, it stays synched unless you completely exhaust the VERZA battery.
CEntrance HiFiM8, iOS version:  This DAC/amp was bought used and though works perfectly, has a small amount of scuff along a portion of two of its edges.  It receives digital signals from either the Lightening or the 30-pin connector of new or old iPods.  It outputs optical, 1/8", 1/4", or 4-pin XLR balanced signals.  It has switchable output impedance (1, 2, or 10 ohms) to match headphones ranging from Grados through Sennheiser HD 800s.  It also has switchable treble and bass enhancement and selectable gain.
AKG K845BT: This white bluetooth wireless headphone has a special legacy:  it was used by head-fier giogio for comparison to others in his thread "Comparison of (nearly all) the best Bluetooth Headphones."  He rated it #8 out of 39 headphones.  It has a clear, open sound, similar to Grado headphones, though it is closed.  It has no active noise cancellation to alter its sound.
Sony D-25 Discman CD player:  This player, which has earned its own thread on head-fi, has built the reputation as the best of the Sony Discmans.  I purchased this used and immediately sent it to an engineer who specializes in restoring these to their like-new operating condition, and he restored it to perfect operation.  I have it in my table-top system for when I have a CD that needs playing without ripping.  While I include a charger for plugged-in operation, I also jury-rigged a way to put today's batteries into yesterday's battery compartment to allow about 1 hour of uncorded operation.
I have a few other items that I am willing to include in a trade combination, which includes the Sony PHA-1 DAC/amp, Fiio X3 DAP,  and Fiio X5 DAP.
I would be pleased to hear your interest in some combination of these items that you would like for a trade of your Lotoo PAW gold player.  I would be most interested in the condition of your player.  
Thanks for looking!
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