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Wanted: HiFiMAN RE-252

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by twinqy, Aug 29, 2013.
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  1. TwinQY
    Just keeping my head up in case anyone still has one of these babies on hand and is willing to part with them. Legendary things, got to hear them once at a meet and was blown away.
    Preferably in good condition, although in this case beggers can't be choosers (that doesn't mean I'd want one with the shells split in half or anything).
    Actually, I take that back, if only the drivers are available and intact - that is to say, working - we might have ourselves a deal, as I'm playing around with the idea of reshelling them. It'd be less idea but could make it work.
    I'd also be interested in a RE-272, though less so.
    (Pending as of right now - so will close it until later notice)
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  2. proedros
    there's a 'used-like new' re-272 for sale at amazon.com
  3. TwinQY
    $220 is a bit too much for me, as I'm definitely going to reshell the RE-272 if they come up (it's only a possiblity with the RE-252), so only the driver need be intac - I wouldn't mind a few scruffles.
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  4. proedros
    there are 2 re-272 fs here - check the threads
  5. TwinQY
    I've PMed the listers a few moments before you've mentioned them. But my primary interest is still the RE-252, hence, this thread.
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