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Jan 31, 2010
Hi everyone, i am looking to have someone loan me there Sennheiser HD800, Ultrasone 8, and possibly a pair of Grado Ps1000. I am going to be guying a pair soon, but i would like someone to let be borrow theres and for me to see which one i like best. I will pay for you to loan me a pair. I was looking to pay possibly $50 or something reasonable. Thanks and you can see my feedback herehttp://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/497815/cifani090
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I am sorry to say, but I think the odds of your getting any takers on this is very slim.  There have been some colossal rip-off artists on head-fi - including "Nick20", who asked to borrow my KICAS amp, and then stole it (never returned it and vanished from head-fi) even though he had like 10 PAGES of perfect feedback here.  You have 3 transactions, two of which were someone buying rubber-bands from you, and you are asking people (both in this thread and via PM) to loan you headphones that cost $1,400 and up.  Perhaps I am a bitter old man, but I don't think that you have offered nearly enough protection for someone to actually consider doing this.
It would be much more productive for you to try to see if you can either attend a Meet, or even set up a Meet in Michigan, with head-fiers who have those headphones, so they will let you hear them without having to take any risk.  Otherwise, you have to acknowledge that what you are asking requires an incredible leap of faith.
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Glad to see I am not alone in my opinion.
cifani090, assuming your request was legitimate and well intentioned, you'd be wise to try a different strategy to audition the headphones you're considering buying.
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While we're at it, I'll send someone $5 to let me audition some Stax SR-007MK2s and a Woo Audio WES. Seriously, I have like 2 transactions on here. I'm totally legit, and if I owned a $7,000 STAX set up, I'd loan it to you for the same amount.
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I do understand, im just 14 and til i get a car, i dont think my parents would take me to a meet, because they think this hobby is a waste of time in money, while others including me enjoy doing this and finding new highs.
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What dont you understand? No one in their right mind (unless they have disposable $1000+) would do this :frowning2:. No offense to you young sir--you may be a responsible 14 year old who just wants to experience high-end audio--but what youre asking for is a bit ridiculous. Good luck with your audio journey.
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How does a 14 year old get $1400 for headphones?!

I was wondering the same, how the .... is that possible. Do you not have something better to save for such as a car? Then you could even have Alessandro MS2i's or Pros?
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A loan, not buying. And i would buy 2nd hand which i could get HD800 for $1000 or so or in best case senario $850 or better? And i also work with my dad, buy i have to save up for a car, and i will be selling my Denon Ah-7000 with 5000 cups in a few months which would only have me to pick in $200-400 dollars for either the T1 or HD800. 
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Im wondering the same. Maybe a rich boy? 

A rich boy would be getting his money from his parents. Since his parents disprove of this hobby so much that they'd refuse to drive him to a meet, this seems unlikely. I'm even more curious as to why a 14 year old would want $1400 headphones. If I was 14 with that kind of dough, I'd be using it to chase girls....just saying 
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edit: just saw your response cifani, and I think it's admirable that you're working and saving your own money for your car and hobbies at the age of 14, as opposed to kids (like me) who just got everything handed to them.

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