Walter Cronkite passes away at 92
Jul 18, 2009 at 1:39 AM Post #3 of 8
So long Uncle Walter, the narrator of a nation. When you spoke I knew it was true. I seem to remember the films in science class, 8th grade, 1968. You will be missed by many. So long.
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I always learn this kind of news here first. Walter Cronkite was journalistic integrity. He was "the most trusted man in America." He knew what actual journalism was as opposed to contemporary mass-entertainment journalism. He was a true icon. I will never forget his reporting of the Kennedy assassination, or his reporting of the first moon-landing. "...and that's the way it is..." Mr. Kronkite you will be missed, your like will not soon seen again. Rest-in-peace...
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I just heard about this, too. What a shame - one of the last lions of journalism is gone. If only we had someone of his stature today....

And it's amazing how many big names have been lost in the past few weeks. This is not a good time to be a celebrity.
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Yes, another great has passed away. I still can't get over the Karl Malden has passed. Well, back to Gus Macalinski and The Sting II.

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