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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Frederick Wang
    No sub 32g TF card yet, so I tried to use it as a amp, the background noise is quite loud when no song is playing, anybody else experienced this problem? 
  2. AlexPhD
    hi guys! just bought $25 from: New DIY MP3 V2 Professional Lossless Music MP3 HiFi Music Player Support 32GB TF Card Expansion and Support Headphone Amplifier
    (from AliExpress Android)
    but i saw on photos v.1.1. is this right device?
  3. vapman

    It is not a defect, it is expected for any amp without a relay. So no need to worry :blush: if it had a relay it would not happen but would be an extra component the sound signal has to go thru and the walnut is all about keeping as much out of the signal path as possible.

    I just plug in and out before turning off and after turning on

    They don't really. The 8323 is not bad for the price but they aren't anything like the Koss level of quality.
  4. flamesofarctica
    I think some background noise is quite common initially as a player and it seems to go with time, so I'd imagine same in amp mode. Also - you can use >32gb if you format sd in FAT32 format. Can download ridgecrop free software to do this
  5. vapman

    Just old photos. You are good
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  6. noknok23
    To avoid the pop sound on first time plug in when you turn it on, vapman suggested to use a cheap earbud lying around. I found out you can also use your male to male jack for it. Which may be more convenient if you are on the go.
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  7. Frederick Wang
    Really? I will cancel my 32gb order if that's true, don't want a 32 gb anyway... 
    Thanks for the information! 
  8. vapman
    Yup it's true. Any card works as long as it's formatted FAT32, I use SDformatter but it does exFAT instead on 64gb or bigger cards, then you have to use another tool if you want to do that.
  9. flamesofarctica
    Yep, I used ridgecrop and a couple other people posted that one as well (which reassured me a bit that it wasn't dodgy!) They used the GUI version, I used the one you run from command prompt, but both are free and once you've downloaded and unzipped it, it literally takes about 5 seconds to format any card:-D
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    I thought someone posted a link to a website on this forum with a web tool that formatted your cards to FAT32 over 64GB? Maybe I'll check my old posts.
  11. musicday
    How big are the improvements in the sound after 200 hours or more?
    Even with only 10-15 i can hear a more defined sound but still early days. Happy anyway with walnuts and peanuts :grin:
  12. Frederick Wang
    Yep, 128gb in FAT32 format works! 
    Background noise still loud, I wonder if mine is a faulty one, will talk to the maker this evening. 
  13. vapman
    Define loud and how many differen headphones are you hearing it on?
    Is your cell phone near the walnut?
    Is it happening when music is paused too?
    is it like squelching or general "fuzz"?
  14. vapman
    I think they stop after around 70-80 hours personally. that is when I noticed the occasional glitches and distortion completely leave and never come back, on both my units.
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  15. iJay

    I would concur with this statement. I doubted before but i now absolutely believe in burn-in. The sound matured over that time (along with the Monk+ burn-in) and has been solid since then. Currently listening to this little gem during my evening email-fury!:etysmile:
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