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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. macky112

    Any opamp to increase the sub bass?
  2. vapman
    If I find one you can believe I'll use it every day. The stock opamp (NE5532) still has the best bass I've heard to my ears. I have read some people say the AD8066 has superior bass, but I haven't tried it yet because I have also heard it's bright and i don't really want bright. Also, the person who I read say the AD8066 has the best bass thought the OPA2134 was an extremely bassy opamp. I found it to be bass anemic compared to NE5532.
  3. iJay
    Listening to Bowie with Stock opamp/Monk+ with my custom convert EQ. I have listened to these songs dozens and dozens of times. Really enjoying this combo and picking up on subtleties I've missed before. Digital gain is down some and pot is at 1/3 or so and I have more than enough level. Sorry to hear ppl having problems but I'm thrilled with mine! Happy New Year all!
  4. fleasbaby
    Mine arrived this evening. Just filling an SD card up with WAVs now...
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  5. nmatheis Contributor

    Let me know how it is fleasbaby :thumbsup:
  6. Sempenyi
    hold next button for increase gain and prev button to lower maybe ?
  7. Ruben123

    Have you already tried maximising the volume by holding the next button? Please keep us updated! For now I'm not sure if it's me or that my device is not working properly.
  8. fleasbaby

    So I got one of those $h1tty SD cards as well. Once I had figured that out and ditched it for one of my own, I got 20 minutes with it...it's better than the Alien, for the simple fact that it picks up where it left off, and doesn't need 20 seconds or so to get started. It also has the same organic quality, it with more authority behind it.

    I started listening with my Monk +, and they do well, it when I switched to a pair of Nakamichi SP7 drivers in a semi-closed Grado frame I have been tinkering with, I got a lot more out of it. It sounds better than my FiiO X1, and iPod Touch, as well as my old iRiver H320. It feels more authoritative for some reason.

    These are first impressions, so take them with a grain of salt...
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  9. trellus
    Re: some of the quality control issues people seem to be having, I just wanted to say that my experience with eBay seller shenglongsi was good:
    It came with nothing with but the Walnut itself and a small micro USB cable (I think that came with it although I have so many I wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't).  No SD card, no Chinese music, no little SD card reader.
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  10. musicday
    I will say to avoid that seller.
    My Zishan DSD lasted only 10 hours,sent it back and it was very long till i got my refund.
    Also his communication is minimal.
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  11. rikk009
    Hmmm...so I won't be buying this DAP unless the 'pop' is fixed. Maybe next model V3. However good it sounds I love my ears and cans.
  12. Ruben123
    Another such a thing. I hear the pop but don't have any issues with it at all. It's not loud or something
  13. musicday
    Monk+ earbuds are back on Massdrop again.
    Time to order some more again,this time on blue.Sound great with the Tera Player and hopefully with Walnut V2 also.
  14. the diode
    Received my Walnut yesterday and loving it so far with my Monk+ and Zen2.0
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    Am going to buy this to compare with my Teriplayer G1. Which seller should I go for, guys?
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