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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Ruben123
    So first impressions are OK... memory card is only 200mb instead of 8gb which explains the corrupted songs. A pity really, Also, my Ve Monk (original) and Ty HI z 32 ohm only get too loud at the highest digital volume and after 6 o'clock wih some music. Cant see how this player should have "much power" as these are easy to drive earbuds. Even though these masters (Prince's Sign O the Time - was a fan before he died!!! lol) might be mastered less loudly than today's masters, I expected to have lots more power. Well it doesnt bother me, maybe after 6 o clock volume the power increases much more than before the 6 o clock mark?
    Also I didnt get a box, didnt get the elastic bands and the SD card is broken.Fortunately the player itself it OK and that's the most important thing of course, though you might understand Im somewhat disappointed.
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  2. devleon
    Yeah, I figured it had to be a tiny reflashed SD to show as 8GB.
    Just tried with a different SD and all is good. Didn't get a box or elastic bands either.
  3. flamesofarctica

    I'd ripped Sign O'The Times to WAV, so Ive 'Walnutted' it with Foobar and copied onto SD to try it.

    I'm not finding the same as you at all. There is no way I could approach half volume, more like 1/3 and it's extremely loud, and then a single degree turn beyond that and it racks up to too loud. To test I used similar earbuds to you (Monk plus and TY HP32S. The latter arrived today from Penon. Pretty coloured wire, speedy delivery, sound signature yikes harsh).
  4. Ruben123

    I could reach around 5 o clock easily, 6 being too much. Maybe you have a different master. What I mean is, they're very easy to drive and I don't have that much power spare. Enough for these earbuds of course. I think they got the same power as my galaxy i9000 with voodoo.

    To add: listening to Dark Side by Pink Floyd with the Havi B3s I can very easily reach max volume. Max digital, max analogue. I'm a soft volume listener, but I couldn't even call this loud. Even the Samsung galaxy phone could reach much, much higher volumes.
  5. groucho69
    Count on at least 2 weeks IME.
  6. noknok23
    @ruben123 you might have defective unit because on my side I cannot get past 25% volume with asura 2.0, even with quiet music, it becomes painfully loud. I would say walnut is 10 to 20 times louder than my phone (xiaomi/Qualcomm)
  7. Ruben123

    The headphone out power is on mine comparable to the Samsung galaxy, which, though, is known to be a powerhouse of itself. I often connect my media players to my home stereo, the Sansa usually needs the volume pot to be around 9 o clock, the Samsung phone 8 o clock and the walnut inbetween . With the line out I need to put the volume pot at 12 o clock!!

    Does any of you have the Havi B3s? To compare.

    Compared to the ruizu, it has more power than the ruizu. Not much more though. The Sennheiser HD 420 (600ohm) couldn't I get to low listening levels. And I repeat: I watch my hearing to only listen to music quiet.
  8. vapman
    Have you used it in amp mode at all to see if that gets louder? It should clearly and easily blow away your Galaxy in amp mode.
  9. bigbro
    I just received mine this morning and am seeing the same sort of issue as Ruben. It is quieter than my iPhone using the headphone jack with my senn momentums - that is at max volume. 
    Bad batch or fakes?
    Will try to contact the seller.
  10. SabaDen
    Think will it be a good idea to list whom we got the set from to determine whether it's a bad batch or just mishandling by vendors ... 
  11. SabaDen
    Imagine the bad timing when ordering ... 2 weeks plus GOD knows how long the shipping time!!! [​IMG]
    Anyway, happy new year ya ...
  12. Hutnicks

    New year in Asia generally means everything comes to a dead stop.
    Will give time for more head to head comparo's though ...................I hope
  13. Ruben123

    Did you also try maximising digital volume by holding NEXT button for a longer time?
    Mine is from CKLewis. Still disappointed about not having a box, broken SD and not having elastic bands. Vapman: the amp gives lots of power ALTHOUGH that is from the Sansa Clip, at max volume. Sansa at max vol is terribly loud with all my headphones and earphones and the Galaxy is even louder. So of course, the amp shouldnt have to do anything at al if the volume is already high.... how should I measure it? Perhaps getting another phone, or laptop. Keep you updated but it seems the digital volume is decreased/not able to be maximalised. 
  14. Ruben123
    Almost lost my hearing after connecting the amp to my notebook. At 2 o clock, the volume was immense. Did I play the same file though on the Walnut itself, I had to go further than 6 o clock, with the 32 ohm Ty HI z earphones, for the same immense volume.
  15. vapman
    There is NO Walnut box. Nobody in the world has one, they were never shipped in a box. So, that is nothing anyone got or should have expected. You should expect the player in a bag with the cables and nothing else unless you bought a microSD with it.
    I have noticed the volume output also depends heavily on the source music being used, @Ruben123. Let's take for example an Amiga MOD file converted to WAV. But open it in Audacity, you can see the volume peaks are very low. This file I can listen with IEMs or earbuds like Monk Plus, digital volume maximized, and I can even listen at full analog volume without it being painful, but it is a bit louder than I like.
    But if I switched to, say, any rock or J-Pop album after this, I'd probably go deaf and possibly break a headphone too.

    Someone other than you who complains of low volume is sending me their Walnut so I can compare against mine. I will find out if there is a quiet batch or if it is either user error or not and then return to them their unit.
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