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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. iJay

    If you have a spare uSD you may want to try that one. I will PM you the link to my Walnut music folder in a bit!
  2. flamesofarctica

    Wow I'd literally checked out 4 songs. So I tried and got exactly the same as you described, except 1 extra (got to 5 songs), including it not working even if I put different music on beyond a few songs (6, bizarrely)
  3. macky112

    Could you kindly comment how Walnut V2 vs Xduoo X3 as DAP. TIA
  4. macky112

    TYVM! Btw is Fiio X3k same as Fiio X3ii?
  5. musicday
    Because the card they send is the most basic one,poor quality.Get a decent one for best results.
    Been sent 16 GB card with the Zishan,no brand but still works miraculously.
  6. Ruben123
    Got anyone get their Chinese music working or does everybody have a bad SD?
  7. iJay

    No problems here!
  8. Spider fan
    Just listened or next buttoned all the way through my Chinese-music card.  All the songs are intact and played.   The Walnut playing these wavs sound awesome with the $5 Qian25 earbuds.  Great sounding combo for less than $30. 
  9. vapman
    The included SD card is cheap as heck, try another one you have around and if you have similar problems let us know. Also please let us know if it plays fine with the other card.
  10. skylartd
    Yep, it's the Fiio X3ii, at the meantime Fiio X3ii is a better than Walnut in tearm of SQ, will have a more detail review in the future.
    BTW, the include SD card is bad as hell, only can work best with mp3...
  11. SabaDen
    Guys, just a heads up ... if you don't already know how business works in China.
    For those of you on the fence or have intention of ordering anything from AE or any other site which have goods send out from China, please do so ASAP.
    Chinese New Year is at end of next month, Jan 28th to be precise and their official holiday for that period is Jan 27 - Feb 2.
    The whole China will be 'closed' down and on the move during this period plus if you take into account the long travel time back to home then back again to work, we may be looking at a stop process window of at least 2-3 weeks before things start to move again.
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  12. Ruben123
    I received mine! Though some songs seem to be corrupted or so. Hope the SD is OK.
  13. flamesofarctica
    Still amazed how powerful this is, and yet how great it sounds when played quietly as well (when I've been able to resist the temptation of whacking this thing right up to quarter volume).

    Most of what I tried yesterday was metal/rock with male vocals but have played some Tori Amos and Suzanne Vega, and female vocals are great too. Wonderful clarity and soundstage.

    I only have budget-ish gear to compare too, namely the Xduoo X3, Hidizs AP60 and Benjie S5, but to my ears this beats the sound of those three hands down. To me it really feels on another level to those DAPs, especially when it comes to soundstage. At around 1/4 to 1/3 of the price of those first two, and the fact it's a powerful amp as well, this could be my best purchase of 2016.

    Currently full-album-wav-ing like crazy (Foobar is ace!). I'd filled a 16gb initially, but now I've robbed a 64gb from my Kindle Fire, FAT32 formatted it, and 60% filled - around 60 albums although some of these are double-cd albums (2 1/2 hours of German power metal in a single file anyone)

    This suits me, I always play full albums not single tracks. Although the last Swallow The Sun album (triple album of almost 3 hours of Finnish death-doom) I've wimped out and done as 3 WAV files.
  14. flamesofarctica

    Just spotted this - but have just done this above, to some extent. But I'd add:

    - For practicality, the XDUOO obviously gives you major advantages due to having an interface and 2 micro SD slots. You could save a massive collection in MP3 320 and access it quickly and easily. It also gets great reviews (although I'll be honest and say I play my Hidizs more, it's a 'smoother' listen to my ears. I am really not a critical listener though, I just want to chill out / rock out as the mood takes me :).

    - But as I put above, the soundstage of the Walnut is immense, and it can also be used as an amp. There's something about the sound, that makes it an exciting purchase to me.

    So really it depends how you listen, what your priorities are in a player, etc.

    Although I love the Walnut, it couldn't be my only DAP as I like an option to have all my music in one place and easily accessible.

    But I wouldn't give it up either :-D
  15. musicday
    Finally the Walnuts have cleared customs in London,but Monday is bank holiday so probably I will get them Tuesday :disappointed:
    They arrived on 22 but everything is slow in UK.
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