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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    Next time you get pack-in junky headphones free with something it's a good use for them :wink: I keep some around like that just for testing while doing DIY to make sure stuff works, and so i can crank it loud enough to hear from far away and not care if I wreck a driver.
    But, I wouldn't think the pop could damage any of your headphones, unless you were doing it a lot and frequently.
  2. flamesofarctica
    Yes! I have some Ruizu ones, that's a thought. They're not good I'd never use them, and having them with the Walnut will serve as a reminder. Good one
  3. Ruben123
    Couldn't you just turn on the device and then plug in the headphones? Or keep the volume knob to lowest and then turn it on?
  4. musicday
    Did anyone in UK received his Walnut V2 yet?
  5. flamesofarctica

    Liverpool here so yes.

    Still waiting for stuff that arrived in UK earlier though, that says it arrived in London on 22nd like your Walnut, but then hasn't updated further.

    Don't worry I think things must have slowed a bit with Christmas, I'm sure it'll be there soon. Frustrating though when you're looking forward to something.

    I want everyone's to arrive to see some more impressions.
  6. satansmutt

    I got mine, arrived 2 days ago on Merseyside
  7. musicday
    Mine arrived on 22 in London but i didn't receive any other notification since.
  8. flamesofarctica
    I've just tried briefly as an amp to the Benjie S5 and the Xduoo X3.

    Impressed in both cases, but especially the Xduoo which sounds fantastic.

    I tried the line out option on the X3, and it's fine but the difference between listenable and scary loud is such a micro-turn of the knob, I wouldn't want to try it on really sensitive earphones.

    In both cases, I don't think the owners of either player would be disappointed.

    I was using the TY HP150's, not my favorite earphones but ok if I use them foamless to help disperse some of the thick mid-bass and maximise the rest. They don't sound bad at all with a bit of 'Walnut-power'.

    The first is a must! And unplugging before switching it off. The extra pop (when you first plug in some 'phones) isn't in the same league, and so using a spare pair is more of a safety net really.

    Edit a few hours later - the Chinese music is so chilled!!
  9. skylartd
    Hey guys, i just received my walnut form CK Lewis but there're something that really bugging me.
    1. The chinese music file on the micro SD card is danmed so i cannot listen to them :frowning2:.
    2. The micro SD card adapter is broken (not a big deal but still feeling a little bit itchy).
    3. When using walnut as an Amp I've noticed that when I turned up the volume, about 50-60 degree from zero, there were a huge imbalance between left and right (left is way louder) and when I turned the volume up more the imbalance was gone but it then sound too loud. There were no such problem when using the Walnut as a DAP. So, i just want to ask if this is a common thing with the Watnut or that i'm just unlucky?? (This is the most bugging thing right now:frowning2: :frowning2: :frowning2: )
    I notice someone curious about Walnut vs Fiio X3k so I'll compare the Walnut with Fiio X3k in a few more days, so that someone who owned a Fiio X3k can see the different and decide to make the move or not.
  10. iJay

    I have not experienced imbalance except for very low volumes on Dap or Amp mode. Sorry to hear about the Chinese music too. I will PM you with a link to my Cloud account for the Chinese music for you to download. Hopefully that will ease the bruising you feel!
  11. flamesofarctica

    I had a couple of problems when using the line out from my Xduoo but I think it was the cable that was included with the Walnut, not getting a good fit in the line out due to it having a bit of plastic sticking out past the start of the connector. I will probably attack it later with a Stanley knife to remove the offending bit! However it was fine using my FIIO amp cable.

    Out of interest, have you tried different options for connecting (eg line out vs earphone socket, different DAP volumes if using the earphone socket, different cable), and are you getting the imbalance consistently across all options?

    What I did notice was when I connected via the headphone socket, an initial turn of the volume knob for the first couple of degrees made it quieter rather than louder, and then a further turn made it louder again. I have no idea why, but it was consistent across both sides (so didn't cause me a problem) and all the players I tried, and I could still control the volume overall. I'm sure someone technical would know why!
  12. fajrinandro

    Yeah, it better to use the aftermarket or custom m2m cable. Good fit, more comfort (for shorter cable), and looks better
  13. skylartd
    1. I'd tried to connect using my DIY Ethernet 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable still the same problem occur so i dont think it's the included cable fault.
    2. Yep, tried to connect via the headphone socket, met the same problem as you and around that position is the imbalance start when connected via lineout.
  14. flamesofarctica

    Have just ordered the VE interconnect cable. It's pretty :)

    That's a shame around the imbalance then, as I'm sure I'm not hearing that. Hopefully someone techie like @vapman might have a few ideas.
  15. devleon
    Just got my Walnut too, and my music on the SD card is also corrupted...
    Only the first four songs work... If someone could send me the music that would be awesome :D
    Also I just deleted everything on the included SD card and put some freshly converted WAVs (In Absentia by Porcupine Tree) on there, and I can't get past the fourth song. The player just stops playing when I hit next, even though the LED is still blinking, subsequent pausing, resuming, prev, next, turning off/on, doesn't do anything either until it will eventually start playing the first song again. Wierd.
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