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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. musicday
    Any card size should be good ,at least you have music there waiting to be played.I want to get a 512 GB SDXC for my Tera Player,but i always listen in shuffle mode.
  2. noknok23
    Do you also have trouble with waves randomly corrupted? Some files just made awful glitch sounds for a couple of seconds and skip. The funny thing is that plug the SD card out and in again fixed it for one track. But I guess some of my flacs files are a bit dirty
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Edit: Never-mind for now.
  4. nick n
    sent a PM about that mystery post above. Or did I ....[​IMG]   mysterious.
  5. hqssui
    Enjoying Walnut playing the Chinese songs that came along with it.
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  6. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I was talking to Walnut creator, I asked if he could mount the red marked diode in the blue spot by extending the legs a tad, this allows room for beefier supply caps to be installed (220uf) rather than stock 100uf.
    He answered oh that 1n4001 diode is redundant from the original V1 design, I can remove it altogether for you it doesn't do anything [​IMG]
    Quality bit of kit our walnut [​IMG]
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  7. groucho69
    Diode to nowhere. 
  8. flamesofarctica
    Just doing this myself now, it's really quick (or would be if I didnt have to rip some of the albums to WAV first as I'd only done a couple). Hoping mine arrives tomorrow or thursday so getting all prepped :)
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  9. musicday
    Post office didn't work today unfortunately, so I am looking to get the Walnut V2 tomorrow.
    Ether C Flow are waiting for it while they burn in.
  10. Spider fan
    I got mine about 30 minutes ago.  I am taking quick a listen while charging it.  Using the supplied card of music so I am obviously not familiar with the music (actually quite enjoyable).  I am pleased with build quality and all button etc works.  A decent strong turnon pop but that has been mentioned before. 
    Started with my momentum 2.0 iems just to be safe.   I was surprised I could max out the knob even though I was mainly listening at 50%.  50% to full volume barely changes.  It made me alitte wary if it could drive my higher ohm stuff.
    I went to my HD600s (300 ohms) next out of curiosity.  They actually got more than loud enough and was a pleasurable listen.  60% to 100% don't change much in volume and pretty just ended up with the knob maxed.  I didnt listen long enough to do critical listening but I did really enjoy what I was hearing. 
    Next I went to my Zen 2.0 Blacks (320 ohms).  This is mainly what I wanted the walnut for.  My other portables struggle with it.  The walnut handled it with ease 50% was starting to get too loud.  I know I'm repeating but once volume didn't go up much after that 50%.  Not a criticism just a weird observation.   It drove all 3 to probably levels I shouldnt be listening to.  You know how you turn that knob just to feel it alittle more.  It was just weird turning it so much with not much change.
    Soundwise, It is a very pleasant sound with nice full mids and nice detail retrieval.  The included music doesnt have much bass.  I am a mid lover and I was super happy with the vocals and the highs were detailed without being sibilant.  I was particularly drawn to the plucking of the string instruments.  Ofcourse, those are both strengths of the HD600 and Zen Black so that may of been a factor too.
    Have to take out the buds now waiting for DHL to ring the doorbell.  I'll let it burnin my new Qian39 and 25s while charging.
    No rubberbands for me. :frowning2:  lol.
    Thumbs up from me whatever thats worth.  Thanks to Vapman for another great suggestion. 
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  11. iJay

    ​Did you adjust the digital gain by pressing/holding the Prev/Next buttons? This may help with the pot adjustment. I did find that when using Line out, from 3/4 to full didn't change at all.
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  12. Spider fan
    No I had no clue you could do that.  Thanks for the headsup.  It didnt bother me it was just alittle weird you get to 50% and they are loud but then their just isnt much more.  Sound fits me as a mid/vocal lover perfectly.  It drives the 2 things I couldnt with my other portables just as I hoped.
  13. iJay

    ​Agreed; I ordered Monk+ to go with it for a throw-around portable rig and it sounds great with plenty of power and battery life! Enjoy!
  14. Spider fan
    I can see me using that combo alot too.
  15. waynes world
    Sad walnut...
    Please please stop me if I ever try to buy something from TaoBao again.
    I tried getting a refund, but the seller said "Denied: Hello, I contacted the international express delivery, your Courier they have already received, but produced the new fees on the international express delivery, please contact them."
    I paid extra for shipping already, so that's interesting. I've looked high and low for a webpage to contact the courier, but no luck so far. Hopefully the seller will continue to help me.
    Anyway, I'm close to ordering another one from some other website. I'll just have to be careful which one this time.
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