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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Gosh, converting files to WAV and Removing the Tags is crazy easy with foobar2000.  Thanks @vapman!
    Still waiting for my walnut, though I have a funny feeling it might be here tomorrow, fingers crossed!
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  2. nick n
    I imagine there will soon be a flood of impressions soon, things seem to be going slow as far as receiving them.
    Some opamps have a larger DC offset ( or whatever technical term you want to use ) so toying around with different ones and at the same time zeroing in on a preferred signature will be interesting.
    Managed to source out a full complement of Soviet/Russian electrolytic caps and will be doing up a Soviet themed one, including that silver capped looking Opmap thing on a grafted to a DIP8 pcb, I do have the pinout to the pinout of the DIP8 adapter.
    Some of their old hifi was nuts ( http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klingon-hifi-made-in-ussr-during-the-cold-war.432394/ ) as most of the electronics at the time were made in military factories and  are mil-spec, so I expect this to be halfways decent.
    Only one way to find out.
    Pretty sure the physical sizes will work, but easy enough to swap it into another case more fitting of the mod (will hit up the electronics supplier locally see what they have for that, preferrably with existing slide in endplates )
    I guess this is a filler post really, and T.R.A.N.C.E.= yes I will need ( at least ) a couple of those bare ones, which at least will be easier to deal with.
    Depending on orders I might have more than I need after so will notify about that and can likely send a set or two along.
    So pending, like everything else.
  3. Hutnicks

    In keeping with the theme, probably fit nicely in a Tokarev or Makarov pistol magazine[​IMG]
  4. LionPlushie
    How many modded versions will you be selling? [​IMG]
    Might be interested in getting one or two.
  5. vapman
    I won't speak for T.R.A.N.C.E. but after I do some experimenting I plan to make a couple "extra" of whatever modification to the design I come up with. [​IMG]
    Top priority is going to be getting subwoofer test tracks to play properly. [​IMG]
  6. LionPlushie
    Will be cool to see how different modification changes the signature of the sound, with the same opamp used.
    What design do you have in mind? [​IMG]
  7. vapman
    No idea for one that is just different caps/volume knob but I do intend to make at least one desktop (rackmountable) Walnut. Rackmountable suits my needs perfectly, although I know usually audiophiles hate nothing more than rack gear amongst their beautiful hi-fi gear. But, that's not why I'm going for rackmounting.... 
    Not my pic, but I have roughly this much rackspace for my recording gear. I want a Walnut in a single space case, AC cable, nice transformer, XLR & RCA outs.
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  8. nick n
    ^ YESSIR
    Do it.
    Heck I bet you could mount 3 or 4 in a single housing each with a different signature and toggle between those off a single PSU.
    If you want to get really fussy replace the TRS jacks with fullsized 1/4 inch ones, and lose the limiting performance of the 1/8. 1/8 does not measure as well as the big ones.
    Don't get as good a signal from what I read with the smaller ones due to less contact area ( no joke )
    Now you got me excited about your rackmount.
     Also can't remember the last time I charged this one that is on right now.
    Still using it to test out headphone mods at the moment ( right now ) Even with the opamp swap to a slightly warmer one this is solid/tight, musical, very revealing, and supremely enjoyable.
    Plenty of "Wuuut the...." moments.
    Almost finished ordering the additional caps.Will likely have leftovers :)
    Managed to grab some of these even [​IMG]= super hard to find.
    Can you believe that didn't think they existed in that form ( eastern bloc stuff ).
    Who knows who cares so much fun.
  9. vapman
    Hey, does anybody have / tried OPA2107? Lost my 2132... [​IMG]
  10. LionPlushie
    Are these like.. Russian op amps? [​IMG]
  11. musicday
    Been watching a movie with Ether C Flow and been listening to Flac 24/92 straight from my Lg Flex.Sound is wonderful full of detail,but was lacking power.Hope the walnut can drive them properly.
  12. vapman
    4.2V RMS..... you should be just about ready to blow your eardrums out [​IMG] !!!
    my main microSD for the Walnut, a 32GB card, has 26GB used. I would say how many albums exactly I have on it but I would have to turn it off. [​IMG]
  13. musicday
    Did anyone in UK received his Walnut today?
  14. nick n
    32GB holy cow... Finding a 16 enough to scroll through as it is.
  15. vapman
    It's tolerable when it's one file per album [​IMG]
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