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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Decommo

    May I know what IEM that is plugged on QP1R? Looks Dope..
  2. hung031086
    FLC 8s with null audio cable
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  3. musicday
    My Walnut V2 players are not here yet,but still very happy with everything i have.
    Happy Christmas to you all.
  4. hqssui

    Happy Christmas to you Musicday...
  5. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Looks like I misunderstood the walnut guy, 10-12 days for production of the bare walnuts, then local shipping to him, then dhl shipping to me.
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  6. groucho69
    "And to all a goodnight"
  7. hakuzen

    thanks, same to you.
    bass roll-off.
    the only graph of unload walnut you can't see any bass roll-off, is when you amplify zishan using walnut. this suggests that the roll-off is generated when reading or decoding the digital signal, before the amp stage (i know almost nothing about audio electronics: dunno which components are involved, DAC, and/or others); so i think you can't get rid of this by changing any opamp nor output caps, nor by adding an amplifier. this is not a big roll-off though (about -1 to -1.5dB at 30Hz), and it occurs in both phones and line outs.
    the bass roll-off gets accentuated (about -3.5dB at 30Hz, you can notice this in sub-bass) when using any phones, due to the coupling caps at the output. this could get improved by changing the caps, i guess, but also if overriding walnut phones amp stage by adding an amplifier and using the lineout.
    highs roll-off.
    there is an small highs roll-off generated when reading or decoding the digital signal (about -0.2dB at 10KHz, and -0.5dB at 13KHz). it occurs in both phones and line outs.
    this roll-off gets accentuated during the amp stage of the walnut (about -1.5dB at 10KHz, and -2.5KHz at 13KHz). I guess this extra roll-off could be fixed by changing the LPF opamp, and/or other components in the amp stage (or overriding walnut phones amp stage by adding an amplifier and using the lineout).
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  8. endia

    did you tried it with walnut?
    i still waiting for mine. thanks..
  9. sfogar
    Hi, please let me know ...
    Is it better to wait till a 2.1 version ?
  10. Ruben123

    If it comes, I'd say yes. It has lots of potentials, and adding shuffle, flac support and a low output imp would make it even better
  11. vapman
    You would be waiting on something not even the creator of the Walnut knows might be coming or not.
    You would be better off either getting a V2 and enjoying it as it is and hope for a firmware update, or not getting a V2 at all if the feature set as is would without question be a dealbreaker.
    Personally I do not expect to ever see shuffle or FLAC support. I have explained previously why I think we will not see FLAC without a hardware revision, and shuffle is possible with the hardware but it seems the creator has released several previous versions of the Walnut and they all feature the same linear playback with start/stop at the same place. As shuffle playback is on every other screenless DAP, it seemed to me that the Walnut creator has no interest in shuffle (which I understand, from the day the iPod Shuffle was first launched I wanted one with linear playback and to remember where it left off)
  12. musicday
    My Walnuts V2 arrived in London,UK on the 22 and they were shipped from China on 14.Not bad at all for free shipping :grin:
  13. vapman
    Nice man! you should have them after the postal holiday, I'd imagine.
    Here's today's combo I am really enjoying. I got these Superluxes when I was missing my old HD25's recently. Added some blutack to increase bass response & impact.... happy with it!
    Yeah, I can hear all the Head-Fi photographers dying inside.... :joy::joy::joy:
  14. flamesofarctica
    I'm a day behind you! :) Arrived and cleared customs on 23rd
  15. musicday
    I am hoping Royal mail will work tomorrow, otherwise i will have to wait for Wednesday delivery.
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