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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    Try the "Batch" window. I know there is a way in it to break up single file + CUE  or turn multiple files into one file plus a CUE. You would be able to use that, and just throw away the cue  file.
  2. Decommo
    Thank you. Do you know which one do I need to choose among those selections?
  3. hakuzen

    Here it is.
    Walnut v2 (DAP) + Senfer UEs:                                                                                   
    Zishan (DAC, turbo- HG- and sharp roll-off) + Walnut v2 (Amplifier) + Senfer UEs:
    (I was shocked when tried Walnut as amplifier with Zishan DAC: the bass roll-off of Walnut DAP, which was even accentuated when using Walnut as an amplifier of iBasso D14, is gone when unloaded!)
    About your question about Senfer 4in1 and Walnut v2, and if Senfer UEs is as similar to 4in1 as I think, I'd prefer other source than Walnut in this case.
    Check, for example, the response in Zishan + Topping NX1a (amp) + Senfer UEs combo:
    This is much more transparent, the impedance don't vary in any frequency abnormally.
    Anyway, every ear is different, and there will be people liking that combo probably, but I'd never suggest Walnut for Senfer UEs.
    vapman likes this.
  4. kfarndog
    It is one of the options in XLD to create a single file and a cue file.  
  5. Decommo

    Hmm. Not sure which one though.. I have gone through all of options but not sure.. I guess that I might need to do test run to figure out..
  6. Decommo
    Tried all of options that i could think of from XLD and did not work. I might get dirt cheap windows laptop for this purpose only.
  7. iJay

    If you do just get Foobar2000, it's easy to convert and you can make presets of different convert preferences!
  8. iJay
    For any of the poor souls out there who didn't get the pre-loaded uSD card with the Chinese music on it, I have uploaded it to a cloud account and can give you the link to download. it's a 1.4Gb folder and I kept it in WAV format for us purists! Feel free to PM me for the link.
  9. vapman

    It absolutely has to work. Even if it doesn't or you don't like it, you can use the terminal to do it. If you decide to go windows after all you could always install Virtualbox or Parallels or VMWare Fusion...
    But I saw this when I googled "xld export to single wav" and it's whatever you need to get to. I would help more if I had access to a Mac. But this shows you how to get to it. www.galaxyclassics.com/index.php/en/recordingen/audiostuff/64-xld-ddp-info
  10. Decommo
    Thank you. I checked the link and I think that it works with DDB files but most of my music files are FLAC and try to select individual FLAC files from each album into one single WAV file. I just got cheap windows laptop from local classified ad just now and just installed Foobar2000. And followed your instruction on page 1 and it works.. :) Thank you @vapman 
  11. vapman
    Glad you were able to get it working. If you ever figure it out on OS X let us know. I might try to figure out how to do it over the holidays if I can use someone's Mac and have time.
  12. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I'm trying to decide whether to get my bare walnuts made with the stock vol pot or a better one, the stock vol pot walnut uses is a measly 40 cent pot, but it doesn't sound bad at all! This is it: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/BELLA-9mm-Plastic-double-switch-with-adjustable-volume-control-potentiometer-resistance-10K50K-B503B103-50pcs-lot/1900490594.html
    A compatible Alps pot will set me back $2-3 each, Alps RK0971221Z05, but is it worth it? These are the lower end Alps pots, they always have imbalances at low vol, I'm thinking maybe it is better to stick with stock pot as does the job pretty well, not sure what to do. I want to build the ultimate walnut!
  13. vapman
    Everything is gonna have imbalance at low volume which is part of the reason i was so stoked on digital+analog volume control.
    I personally will shell the extra $ for the Alps just in case. the whole signal runs thru it and even if it just turns smoother I will be happy.
    BTW @T.R.A.N.C.E. you can put me down for at least 6, maybe up to 10 bare walnut boards. Let me know when it's time to work out the details and you're putting in the order. I am going to make at least one a desktop unit with a transformer and all...
  14. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Bro the transformer, now that's overkill even for me. I'm trying to source a 2500-3000mah battery for the walnut atm as well.
    And yeah decided I'd use Alps for all 20. It's just annoying because I have to purchase the Alps and send them to the Walnut guy because he says he won't ship the pcb's without vol pot's because there is no way to test them otherwise, not sure I understand how he tests them without caps anyway though. But he is cool with me supplying the Alps pots at any rate.
    I'm thinking only a few people will want in on these bare walnut's, I'll stick to the minimum 20 order for now, I prob only need 6-10 for myself as well.
    Update: I managed to convince him to send me pcb without vol pots [​IMG]
  15. vapman
    I am just gonna do one and put it in a single rack wide enclosure and put it in my recording studio. Slap a SD card in and have 1/4" dual mono and XLR outs... would be real cool [​IMG]
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