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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    I don't remember if the X3 gain control does the output. The good news is if you use Walnut as a DAP then you can use the digital volume controls to make the volume knob less sensitive. There is no way to get it any quieter when using as an amp, though.
    I don't know if your X3 is rockboxed. If it is, you could load a flat EQ preset and lower only the gain (not any of the frequency bands)  will do the same effect.
  2. Thomas De Brito
    thanks for the tip the problem is my SD card is a mess and it's annoying to change music, I'll try running them out of the amp and trying out rockbox. I don't use it since the battery is mediocre. the amp by itself its pretty powerful. I'll write more when I have more time with it. Thanks
  3. nick n
    Beyer DT990 Vintage 600ohm are driven to decent levels with volume dial at point where the maximum is =still a bit more on the dial but it tends to do little past there.
    Would not want louder.
    Nothing thin or lacking.
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  4. vapman
    I had a chance to try my friend's HD600 on my Walnut recently. The HD600 always has been kinda laid back for my tastes but the Walnut drove it very well. Still, the Portapro is one of my favorite pairings with it, but I always find myself using the Portapro with the most high end gear I get a chance to hear. They are the classic cheap headphone that doesn't stop scaling up with better sources and amping.
    The JVC SZ series I love to use so much with my Walnuts is rated at a meager 16 ohms and is not hard to drive, but is a quad driver monster (55mm subwoofer + 30mm plain driver) and loves to take more power.
    I am using my Walnut with the Burson opamp more than any other opamp. The NE5532 (stock opamp) sounds like insane accuracy and transparency and nothing else. I seem to think that even though the measurements might not agree, it seems to have a lower noise floor than the Burson. The Burson is more immersive and has amazing soundstage yet does not sound fake or overly exaggerated.  What I CAN say is the Burson definitely has its own sound characteristic that either mixes with your amp or it doesn't. Luckily it fits in perfectly with the Walnut's design... unfortunately it is not as suitable for long term listening as I find it to be tiring after a while. The NE5532 is perfectly forward enough but not too aggressive for my ears. It has the more honest sound of the two as well... great considering NE5532 is, what, $3 shipped for 10?
    I need more power hungry headphones to try with this little guy clearly. Hmmm..... been thinking maybe I should try one of those Fostex orthos...
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  5. Raketen

    I always wanted to try one of those for the sake of mod experimenting but i know i'd never actually do the work :rolleyes: Have you see that Mr Speakers DIY Alpha Dogs project thread?
  6. vapman
    Nah, I haven't, although I've read that name a lot of times..... should I check em out?
    I wasn't really wanting the Fostex to be breaking them open and messing around all the time but they are one of the other low cost/high scalability headphones I've heard of and always wanted to give em a shot.
    Walnut is nice for modding because all that really entails is something to pry out the opamp and others to shove in.
  7. Raketen
    I guess it's a little expensive & laborious & you have to get some 3d parts printed and then figure out how to tune it, but other than that.... lol http://www.head-fi.org/t/825868/open-alpha-t50-3d-printed-headphone-project-from-mrspeakers/
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  8. neog007
    Burson v5i. It's great but it's 2X the walnut's price...
  9. notamethlab
    Regarding opamps, are there any that are must haves under $20 USD?
  10. deygun

    Great power, Good detail, mediocre separation, mediocre depth, a lil bit on the dry side. Im only use some cheap iem's like kz zs3, sony ex300ap, and sennheiser hd490
  11. vapman
    I'm listening to my V5i Walnt too. And is that a Portapro plug I see? Bro we have the exact same setup right now [​IMG]
    Would love to know your thoughts on V5i in the nut vs. the stock NE5532.
    I still haven't tried nearly all I want to. I didn't like the OPA2132 as much but if you want a little less mids, more sparkly treble and wider soundstage, you might like it a lot . they are like $3 each
    Only fancy ones like the Burson or a real MUSES 01/02 are gonna run you above $20. the rest are between $1 and like $7 a piece.
    If you check out the big blue link to the Obscure DAPs thread there was a lot of good opamp talk in there by TRANCE, nick n and neog007.
  12. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Imo walnut is not resolving enough in absolute terms to benefit from expensive opamps like Muses or Burson, only if you happen to really like the sound sig of those opamps would they be worth getting, imo you are much better off experimenting with cheaper opamps to find sound sigs you like, and the transparency will still be as good as expensive opamps because the walnut is the bottleneck, not the opamps. I haven't had much time lately to try new opamps, still rocking LM6172 which I'm really liking, next on my list to try is LT1364.
  13. vapman
    I agree with you 100% bro. A lot of us have got free/loaner V5i opamps in exchange for providing reviews of them. I've been more or less getting all my V5i 
    But reading your post makes me think I should be putting a disclaimer here with my opamp talk regarding the Burson, Muses etc because that is all very high end stuff on the price range and there is no guarentee whatsoever that they come thru with the extra price being reflected as a measurement of objectively better sound quality.
    If this was the case the dudes where are swapping opamps more than anyone I see the V5i, etc, as a passing thing in the opamp setup. I'm seeing a lot of us, even with experience with the V5i etc, are finding that they create a more specialized sound and often detract from the neutrality and transparency of the stock config.
    I have some of the LM ones left over from building DIY audio gear years back. So I have been trying to find my LM6172 so I can try that bad boy out in one of my Walnuts.
    Basically, the short version of this is if you're getting into opamps, first off check the Opamp Rolling thread (amazing source of info) and don't be afraid to try the cheap ones. There are a lot of winners that stand up to the real high end ones in there, and many times they're more useful for more applications. I find the Burson etc to be a boutique kind of opamp mod, in that it probably affects the sound more than a traditional opamp would.
    All this said the Walnut is about as basic as a design you can get. It would require some decent reworking to not have the opamp be bottlenecked by the rest of the design.
  14. aoitenshi6509
    I have one of this bad-ass "blind DAP" :wink:
    I connect it to my soundblaster E5, but unfortunately when I'm receiving calls from my smartphone, the mics on E5 got silenced because the E5's line in was occupied by the walnut.
    I'm thinking of getting one bluetooth transmitter and put them on walnut's line out and have it paired with the E5, since the E5 capable of pairing two devices at one (tested on my cellphones : xiaomi redmi 2 and redmi note 2 )
    So I am able to making and receiving calls
    here are some of my photos of using the "blind DAP" :wink:
    (that blue thing is xiaomi's 5000 mah powerbank, I use it to add more juice to E5 or walnut and there is my old DAP, MSI Mega Player 538 on the 3rd photo, acted as the audio source [​IMG] )
  15. iJay
    Oh yeah!

    I got it yesterday but my prankster kids surprised me with it this morning! Busy morning here so more pics and impressions to come!

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