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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. weedophile
    Vap bro, how's the performance as an amp?

    Another thing i'm wondering is that i dont use any cans so will my earphones and IEMs benefit from the power? Otherwise i might have to get my first ever pair of cans lol
  2. vapman
    Yes I use earbuds to listen at least 3/4 of the time. Even when I use headphones, only like 5-10% of the time is it one of my JVC SZ, i'm far more likely to use my Koss Portapros.
    I am personally not really a fan of on- or over-ear headphones. Even just using earbuds there's a great improvement. The Sony XB90EX sounded great on the Walnut. [​IMG]
    To be honest the Portapro is one of the most versatile headphones you'll find in the sub $50 region, if you don't have a set, see if you can try some  out. I've had my current set for close to a decade and it's gone with me all sorts of places, shoved in bags and pockets, been all over the world. Still works perfectly and you'll find guys who have five and six digit long setups here will still enjoy Portapros with their high end gear.
    Anyway. worry not, cause your headphones will sound awesome with the amping.
  3. weedophile
    Thanks vap bro! Will check out the portapro and see if i am able to get my hands on one :D
  4. Thomas De Brito
    I am getting mine this afternoon well I am excited :blush:
  5. musicday
    Personally I am very happy for you.
    I have 3 Walnuts V2 coming soon.
    Happy listening and don't forget to add photos and tell us what you think about the sound.
  6. groucho69
    Jealous again![​IMG]
  7. deygun
    Helloo guys...
    I'm using this id again after so many years being a silent reader only to join the hype :laughing:..
    Anyway guys, what do think about re caps?
  8. musicday
    Hello and welcome.
    Recaps are not necessary until the player is fully burned in,400 hours.So you can hear it's best sound.
    Do you have a Walnut V2 or planning to get one?
  9. deygun
    Just received it this morning. Planning to burn in for 200hr and decided later about recaps..
  10. musicday
    What do you think about the sound out of the box?
    What headphones do you use?
  11. Thomas De Brito
    I just got the Walnut and I am testing the amp mode with my monk candy and my xduoo x3 and it sounds awesome,thanks vapman for this thread, I have to be careful to not switch the volume too high this is way powerful.
  12. akroy
    what about the dap mode, what do you think of the sound compared to x3?
  13. musicday
    eBay has already sold 27 units.I think that many haven't heard about the Walnut V2 yet.
    Imagine how many others been sold on Tabaoo and Aliexpress.
  14. vapman
    Really would love to see  some photos and more impressions when you have listened to it for a little bit longer [​IMG]
    Last I checked CKLewis alone had sold 89 whole units.
    I think they might be more popular in China where they have been around since July and still get orders.
    Still new to the western world.
    Not only is it rare for even a hifi device to use only name brand, high quality caps, it's basically unheard of for a budget device like this to. All the caps used are actually really, really good. You might still see some benefit with recapping, but it's not nearly as necessary as it is on some other budget stuff.

  15. Thomas De Brito
    Sorry guys I'll get to it tomorrow and the line out mode is loud on the xduoo, do I need to set the xduoo in low gain and put the headphones on the xduoo or the amp.? I wish the volume could be lowered in line out mode.
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