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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. iJay
    Walnut V3 or F/W upgrade...
    ++1 for folder skip
    +1 for Shuffle ONLY if it's inter-folder and not just inner-folder. I have no use for inner-folder shuffle as I don't mix artists w/in one folder, OCD that way.
  2. neog007
    Ur right I always have noticed the zishan being more powerful and detailed than the walnut as a DAP -what shouldn't be a surprise btw-. The walnut is still totally worth it in my humble opinion. Thank you for your work and share w us this measurements
  3. Ruben123

    Well its use should be quite limiting if the impedance is that high, unfortunately I'm too late to cancel my order as I don't have high impedance headphones.
  4. vapman
    You don't need any. Been using 12 ohms headphones all day.

    The people who are gonna love the Walnut most are the people who love the clean, clear and powerful sound of high wattage, ultra clean sounding poweramps of the 80s and such.
    The people who are gonna hate it most only use ultra sensitive IEM and prefer a slow, smooth sound to a crisp bitperfect signal.
  5. iJay
    I will try to confirm when I get my Walnut, although it won't be high priority. Something to consider is the Walnut isn't nessissarily stable in a no-load condition. One could test with one load and test with a different load and see what that test yields. But if if sounds good to you...who cares!
    nick n likes this.
  6. neog007

    I didn't say that... In fact, I enjoy the walnut with sensitive multi BA iems and no problem at all with that. When your order arrives I'm sure you'll love this little guy [​IMG] 
    (anyway it's better to wait for more measurements to contrast but don't think too much in the technical staff and better think in what you feel when you listen the walnut sound, it's quite unique)
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  7. SuperMAG
    Anyone have senfer 4in1 to see if it sounds exceptional with walnut.
  8. musicday
    I haven't tried Sony E808+ earbuds but I have read good things about them.They cost only 3.46 USD on aliexpress.
  9. vapman

    They are a lot of fun but completely and utterly lack midrange. Very sharp v sig.
  10. Ruben123

    To be honest I bought it solely for the design. And for three fact that it could be a nice amp for my USB sound card which has a much too high impedance of 50 ohms but well.. Still looks nice and I haven't heard it yet
  11. vapman
    I used mine for probably 9 hours yesterday listening to music and then another 6 or so just as an amp. Heard some details i've never heard before on a couple albums. Still lovin this player. The Burson V5i definitely maintains most of the same sound of the stock amp but is wider and more immersive. Need more time to figure out if it's actually better than other traditional opamps.
  12. Ruben123
    Did you already charge it? :wink:
  13. vapman
    No but I will probably charge it later tonight and use my other Walnut for the next few days [​IMG]
  14. musicday
    Vapman- so how long the battery last playing music?
  15. vapman
    I listen to mine usually from waking up going to bed.... that's something like 16 hours, and I can get about 3 of those days before the battery dies... so in the ballpark of 45 to 50 hours. Possibly more? It's really hard to measure battery life when it spans several days...
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