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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. D0rk!n
    Thanks. Party on Wayne.
  2. D0rk!n
  3. theoutsider
    JRC, now renamed as NJR, is the company behind Muses.
  4. D0rk!n
    Stormtrooper (FIN)
  5. Jojaonthebeat
    Can anyone help me decide which one to get between xduoo x3 and walnut v2s. Battery life and functionality doesn't matter. I'm all in for the SQ. Looking for the one that has larger soundstage and better imaging, resolution, clarity and detail. Can someone tell me how they differ from one another and which one you prefer. I have the grado sr80e and audio technica m50x. Using the vido earbuds as well and rose mojito. In-ear I have is the havi b3 pro 1 and fiio ex1 2nd gen. So which one will better suit my preference? Xduoo x3 vs walnut v2s.
  6. yangian
    V2s is not for low impedance phones. For low Zs, X3 is better, especially if you line out to a better amplifier.
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  7. kuroshirowaku
    are there any way for use something like digital volume controller on V2S in amp mode ?
    I found a problem about volume when i connect to arcade machine game (it's PC 3.5 mm audio)
  8. D0rk!n
    Walnut V2.2 (soldered fix opamp).
    My friend Marlon Mercado (M3 Customs) modded it. From Fix soldered SOIC opamp to DIP8 socket. Now walnut v2.2 is opamp rollable. FB_IMG_1513529387081.jpg
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  9. D0rk!n
    Iphone 3GS (Line out) -> Walnut V2s (Audio Jade AD825 opamp) -> Superlux HD668b (Tissue paper mod) IMG_20171218_213133-01.jpeg
  10. noknok23
    probably one of the best value audiophile setup you can have at the moment, congrats
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  11. dgindlespergerd
    Got one from a Member here a t a great price and for me it is "ok" For 18 bucks shipped it is great, but it does not push my HE-4XX as much as I hoped it would. For portable use I normally run the X1 with a N2 for an amp. This give me some great sound and reading the information on the V2 I thought it would not need to be amped, but it does...Is there a V2 (non s) firmware upgrade that would allow for FLAC files? THIS is not to get into the MP3 vs Flac argument, I just don't want to have to rip my CDs again.I have not tried it with the Vali 2 yet, that is next :).
  12. iJay
    Oh no, you started it now! WAV, FLAC, MP3...
    Hi-Res, CD quality, Studio vs. Master...
    Someone’s going to blow their top!!!

    (Hopefully all us Walnutters are past that!)

    As to the f/w question, I’ll have to look but I don’t recall f/w, just op-amp rolling and cap-changing.
  13. larry piencenaves
    hey guys, im kinda new to this thread, but i just want to ask if the walnut is the same with zishan?....as of now im kinda wanted to buy this newer version of zishan with OLED
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
  14. DBaldock9
    Sorry, but you'll have to remove that link - due to that vendor, and mentions / links to that vendor, being banned here on Head-Fi.

    But to answer your question about the Zishan Z3 - it's basically a Zishan Z2, with an added OLED screen, and a digital volume control replacing the analog potentiometer on the Z2.
    Generally speaking, most comparisons say that the Zishan Z2 (with an AKM4490 DAC) does sound better than the Walnut v2.

    One thing that I don't like about the Zishan DAPs, is that the ones with analog potentiometers are wired to work in reverse (i.e.- Rotating Clockwise = Volume Down).
  15. larry piencenaves

    oh i see, sorry i didnt know but i removed the link already.
    thank you for answering my question, i think i gotta go with the new zishan z3, it almost the same price with the walnut v2 here in my country so i think ill buy this instead.
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