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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Sulbh
    Any news about walnut v3?
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  2. Sulbh
    I am expecting a display with price of less $50
  3. noknok23
    walnut v2s dude, shuffle and eq is on taobao.

    damn why no more search function???? :'(
  4. macky112
    Yes, the Walnut "V2S" is the next version, and I suspect it has a different SoC due to new features not supported on the original SoC mentioned on the previous page of this thread. However, this may have different SQ, for better or for worse...
  5. Sulbh
    So no display?
  6. Sopranino
  7. Luiz Santana
    I want to paint my walnut with aerosol spray paint (golden). Has anyone tried?
  8. Dark Helmet
    look in the pics section of the thread I painted one of mine white.
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  9. silverfishla
    I can tell you that they send what they are selling in a relatively short time. I've ordered three things from them ( a couple of opamps and some dip sockets). I haven't been able to test them yet, since I also ordered a Z1 but haven't received it yet.
  10. DBaldock9
    Went back and skimmed through earlier posts in this thread, looking for "sound quality" comparisons of the various opamps and capacitors that people have tried. Seems like there'd be a post or two about a component swap, and then multiple pages of discussions about other things.
    Do you know if there's any sort of list, table, or spreadsheet - which shows the various parts that people have swapped into a Walnut v2, and the changes in sound quality that resulted?
  11. Sulbh
    Am I the only one who is getting error when trying to reply to someone on mobile version?
    Last edited: May 5, 2017
  12. DBaldock9
    When I'm accessing Head-Fi via the Chrome browser on my Nexus 5 phone or Nexus 7 tablet, reading the Forums is easier with the mobile version, but I have to switch to the desktop version in order to reply. Same goes with trying to upload images.
  13. DBaldock9
    Just ordered 10 assorted opamps from eBay, to try a bit of Amp Rolling in the Walnut and Z1.

    1x - DIP-8 dual opamp, made from 2x ADA4627-1BRZ mono opamps
    2x - DIP-8 dual opamp, made from 2x AD825AR V3 mono opamps
    2x - DIP-8 OPA2134 2134PA dual opamp
    2x - DIP-8 LME49720NA dual opamp
    3x - DIP-8 PHILIPS NE5532N (Vintage) dual opamp
  14. macky112
    David, nice choice of opamp :)

    Looking forward to your impressions
  15. DBaldock9
    The "2x - DIP-8 dual opamp, made from 2x AD825AR V3 mono opamps" and "3x - DIP-8 PHILIPS NE5532N (Vintage) dual opamp" that I ordered, were purchased from Audio Jade. They should be here in a few weeks, and I'll let you know how they sound.
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