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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. rendyG

    Very nice cap testing, do you think that 1000uF 16V Silmic is worth buying? I know that TRANCE recommended Rubycon caps, but if there is such a difference...
    I'm know using some Nihicon lxz 25V temporarily, too big, but only cap I could find in CZ.
  2. endia
    sorry, i didn't try those caps but panasonic nhg 1000 uF for that place, very good comparing to stock cap :wink:
  3. LaughMoreDaily
    My v2 took 4.75 hours to charge today. Not impressed. Last time it was 3.
  4. peter123

    I'll try it tonight if I remember it and let you know.

    It'll be with the Burson V5i op amp though.

    In general I'd suggest the Walnut to be used with full sized headphones and high impedance earbuds. That's where it really shines imo.
  5. macky112

    The stock power cap is below avg at best (I am speaking the V2.0, don't know about V2.1 Walnut). So you should at least roll the power cap. In regards to rolling other caps, well, that's where the fun of this hobby is!
  6. macky112

    Yes high impedance is the fail proof recommendation for good synergy for Walnut

    If your new Walnut doesn't sound good with your existing phones, at least try a ksc75 with Walnut before writing it off. If ksc75 still doesn't sound good then you may have a broken 'nut
  7. LaughMoreDaily
    With the KSC75s the sound is very interesting. It is like listening to an old stereo, I quite like that. I love the new modern digital sound of the Colorfly C3, but for someone who wants to see what music sounded like say, 50 years ago... the Walnut v2 is a happy monster.
  8. LaughMoreDaily
    64 ohm and up. Or will 32 ohm work.
  9. flamesofarctica

    TY HP320, TY HP400S, TY HP650 all sound great on it, as do the Monk+, VE Asura and Zen 2. So I'd agree high impedence or anything which can scale well with a bit of power. Doesn't really suit the Blox 320, but that might just be my preference, not 100% sold on that one.

    That's the spirit! :-D
  10. macky112
    dynamic driver 16 Ohm synergy gonna be voodoo, nobody can explain, you gotta find out for yourself (well, ok, let me correct myself, ideally you want the DAP/amp output impedance to be 1/8 of the value of your headphone/iem's load impedance, and here we have Walnut V2 at 100ohm output impedance... GG WP)
    dynamic driver 32 ohm and up, less voodoo, i would say most should be OK
    the biggest issue at hand is that Walnut V2 has 100 ohm output impedance, and multi BA IEMs, each of those BA has it's own impedance preference, thus crazy/weird voodoo happens when you pair the two.
    if you tread over to the headfi RMAA measurement thread, @HiFiChris is very helpful in helping you de-voodoo all these dark art/magic
    rendyG likes this.
  11. groucho69
  12. ozkan

    Thank you Peter. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on PFE012 pairing :)
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    An oldy but a goody. :wink:
  14. Dark Helmet
    I would not discount the stock power cap.  As far as quality yes it may not be the best quality, but I do like how it sounds,  Also I prefer the stock volume pot to the Alps .
    groucho69 likes this.
  15. Dark Helmet
    Forgot the AD8065 which is awesome in my full silmic mod, however there is noise like the AD825.  Hoping to get that addressed.
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