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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    Unless you had the hold switch on and didn't realize it. If you hold next down and nothing gets louder it's already maxed out.
  2. nocchi
    I think I ******** up my nut, I hooked it up straight on a 5v charger to make it as a desktop amp. I noticed it gives a low volume output so I placed back the stock battery. Now I have to pass 12 o'clock on volume knob just to have a decent volume. What could have damage the nut to have a lower volume output? Caps?
  3. vapman

    Please measure the battery voltage with a multimeter if you have one
  4. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I just tried that to see if it would damage anything, I pulled the battery and attached 5V charger, it sounded wrong, but didn't damage anything, after re-connecting battery I'm getting same volume as before.
    So walnut can not be run straight from mains power as the usb input only directly charges the battery.
  5. nick n
    Did you try messing around with the lowering and raising of the digital volume control again  by holding down the REW or FFD buttons? maybe it reset that?
  6. nocchi
    The digital volume are maxed out though

    Anyway I intend to replace the stock pot with alps pot, this might fix the issue.
  7. nick n
    ah ok good to know it doesn't default the digital to lower settings.
    Sure hope you figure that out, doubt it would be caps
  8. minnyB
    Just find out from the Taobao website that the Walnut maker has over 460 pcs of  Walnut V2 (without micro-sd card).  So there should not be any problem of not enough stock for any potential Walnut V2 buyer.  [​IMG]
  9. vapman
    The 4th was the first day most places start back up on business, so they're probably already cranking out new Walnuts I'm sure. With the demand for them how could they not be? 
  10. musicday
    My order with CKLewis is as: seller is processing your order!
    Been like that for 4 days.The order will cancel itself in 5 days if the seller doesn't dispach it.
  11. vapman
    Last order with them for my walnut and rhodium plugs, I thought it was going to auto cancel. They provided tracking finally with like a day and a half to go. The nice thing was that the tracking actually worked a day later :O

    I am actually using the "Sandisk" 8gb that came with my Walnut from CKLewis. If you guys got one,  i highly recommend the full overwrite with the official SDFormatter tool (it is official by the SD Association). Do a full overwrite and it should work fine or fail during that overwrite if it is a fake. Mine cleared the overwrite with no problem. I now have 2gb of almost MP3 alone (I will be mindful of this and see if it affects battery life vs. mostly wav but i doubt it will). I am spoiled from all the WAV listening, I can hear the MP3 artifacts on some songs up to 256kbps... since I lost one of my 32gb cards after it sprung out of the player and bounced off a bottle on my desk, I have needed another card for all my newer music...
  12. noknok23
    I need to do A/B blind test but so far 320mp3 sound excellent to me even with totl earbuds. I wonder if the amount of size taken up by wav files is worth it now
  13. headjelly
    It really depends on the music. I can clearly hear a substantial difference with e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10Lan4tLZQA and Puresounds PS100-600. I really like their sound with the Walnut btw.
  14. Ruben123
    A nice website is mp3ornot.com. try it
    headjelly and LaughMoreDaily like this.
  15. vapman

    I agree this is a splendid combo.

    I can hardly believe i did. But i gave one of my 3 walnuts to a friend... Along with a sony e808+. He has still not even opened the she3800 i gave him :D
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