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Wagnus Sieve Sheep Extreme - Sold!

Trader History (9)
  1. oemerson
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    Up for sale my Wagnus Sieve Sheep Extreme ciem cable

    Wagnus the first flagship cable "Sieve Sheep" , limited Extreme version.

    Overall balanced. Elegant, nature and sweet sound. More nature and better layered than PW Audio 4wire 1960s.
    Great treble and bass extension. Forward sweet mid. 3D sound stage.

    Using the ultimate German class1 ofc litz wire.
    4*60*0.07mm, 23awg

    IEM connector: CIEM 2pin
    Source connector: Oyaide 3.5mm TRS
    Custom sleeve from the plug to the Y-splitter

    Comes with package.
    Seldom use, near mint condition.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2019
    Erfan Elahi likes this.
  2. Erfan Elahi
    Tempting, but too pricey... Did you have to pay full tax to collect in your location?
  3. oemerson
    Extreme version is limited run and much more expensive than usual version.
    Also custom sleeve and decoration CIEM 2pin need extra payment.
    Erfan Elahi likes this.
  4. Erfan Elahi
    The "Oyaide 3.5mm TRS" was it standard or you needed to pay extra for it?
  5. oemerson
  6. oemerson

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