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WA6 with PDPS_Sophia_multiple tubes_and more

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Trader History (2)
  1. MasterBlaster7
    For Sale
    1. Woo Audio WA6 with PDPS upgrade and Sophia Princess 274b purchased directly from Jack Wu in Jan 2012--the Sophia 6 months later.
    1. Excellent condition, no physical marks (exception; bottom plate--unavoidable minor scuffing from Herbie’s Audio Lab SuperSonic Hardball…not visible), about 1000 hours on the Sophia and 1500 hours on the WA6.  The Sophia is rated at about 8000 hours.
    1. Both are in their prime and perfectly broken-in; both sound better than the first day I got them.
    1. Original Boxes on all items.
    1. WA6 with PDPS x 1           (purchased from Woo Audio)                (original $650)
    2. Sophia Princess 274b x 1   (purchased from Woo Audio)                (original $160)
    3. Shuguang 274b x 1                         (from Woo Audio)
    4. RCA 6CY7 NOS x2                           (from Woo Audio)
    5. RCA 6DE7 NOS x2              (ebay Canadian tube shop)                  (original $30)
    6. GE    6DE7 NOS x2             (ebay)                                             (original $15)
                                                                                           Original Total     $855
                                        Your Total $650 + buyer pays shipping
                                 My ebay selling record is perfect at TimberWolf777X
                                                      Payment by Paypal
    Also selling
    1. Herbie’s Audio Lab SuperSonic Stabilizer   (original $27)      (you pay $15)
    Perfect condition.  It makes a noticeable improvement in sound.  After much experimenting I concluded you only need one.  There are 3 on top of my Schiit Bifrost.
    1. Herbie’s Audio Lab Big Tall Tenderfoot x4  (original $60)       (you pay $40)
    Perfect condition.  Major improvement over stock feet.  They are the only thing I will use under my 4 inch Maplewood stand.  For best results remove and store stock feet.
    1. Herbie’s Audio Lab SuperSonic Hardball   (original $115)      (you pay $75)
    Perfect condition.  Major improvement over stock feet.  They bring out the base better than the Tenderfoot.  It is like tube rolling, different sounds from each, but both better than stock by a country mile.
    1. MapleShade 4 inch thick Maple block      (original $160)      (you pay $75)
    Awesome up-grade.  One side has 2 x  flash card size blue stains from experimenting with custom feet.  Other side is perfect, and you would never see the stains.  Also it cost $40 bucks to ship this beast across the country.  If you live close to Las Vegas it should be a lot cheaper.  But keep shipping costs in mind.  I will include the original MapleShade Feet but I have another set of Tennderfoot x4 under the block.  The tenderfoot is the best isolation solution for this block...period…I never considered upgrading after putting them under my block.  I will include the extra Tenderfoot x 4 for $40 dollars.
    1. I am also selling a Schiit BiFrost with 500 break-in hours on it in a different thread.  Contact me for details.
  2. YakimaJoe
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