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WA6 + Lots of tubes

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  1. Dangermouse2003
    For Sale
    SOLD - WA6 - PDPS in very good condition with a great selection of tubes worth 200GBP+ on their own.
    Bought 3 years ago from Woo Audio directly. Some very faint scratches to the casing but otherwise in top condition. Payment via Paypal, fees are included in the price. Shipping is extra.
    I will include the power cable (if applicable), L/R audio cable and the following tubes (all working when last used and stored with care):
    Mullard GZ32 x2 (one bought NOS and used once)
    Mullard GZ33 
    Mullard GZ34 
    Raytheon 5U4G 
    RCA 5U4G 
    Tung Sol 5U4G 
    Tung Sol 5R4GYA
    Sylvania 5U4GB/5931 military
    Sylvania 5R4GYB
    Sovtek 5U4G
    Philips JAN5R4GA
    Dumont 5U4G
    GE 5R4GYA
    Sylvania 6FD7 x2
    RCA 6CY7 x2
    Inetronic 6DE7 x2
    GE 6DE7 x4
    Any questions just send me a message. I am unable to accept trades.
  2. yellowcun
    Nice amp. If I don't have the Lyr, I may brought this one.
    Anyway, I want to know how well it drives the PS1000s?
  3. Dangermouse2003
    It does a good job with the PS1000s, they're maybe the only Grados I've had where an amp of some kind is necessary. I also think the WA6 'sound' matches better with the PS1000 than any of my other headphones in that it gives smoother sound, more controlled bass and a better soundstage. Hope this is helpful.
  4. heart-rate
    Hi Dangermouse 2003,
    send you a PM.
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