WA5 or Cary xciter
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Jun 8, 2009
im gonna buy an amp for my room, high watts won't be necessary
so i'm looking for an amp which can drive both headphones and speakers "WELL"
i read the review and so far i have wa5 & xciter in mind
and i'm having hard time to decide between these two amps
cuz i don't live in the states, so it's really difficult for me to hear both of them
i have D7000, and maybe PS1000 next month
any opinion will be appreciated
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Having absolutely no experience listening to either offering I feel eminently qualified to state that one should - hands down - purchase the Woo over the Cary on looks alone; the Cary coming off as a cheap Zero Dac with glass.
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Haven't heard the Cary but the WA5-LE (no speaker output) is excellent and has very good build quality
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i listened to the xciter against the 300sei at a meet (same source). the xciter had a more upfront and punchier sound. the 300sei was more lush and laid back and with a larger sound stage. for rock, the xciter might be preferred. for jazz and other similar types of music, the 300sei would be a better choice.
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I have the Xciter, They were made with GS1K in mind, also heard them with PS1K and to me is a great match. Sorry i have not heard the D7000 so can not comment.
The Woo amps also have a solid reputation although i have not heard them.
As for Driving speakers i feel the Xciter will need KT88 tubes for more power.
But if your spending the bucks on PS1K then Xciter will be awesome combo.
It is SET thats important to run Grado.
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hmmm If the Cary is on the table and the WA5... is there thought of the Cary 300SEI? Or a reason that it is off this list... (more power than Xciter)

Just wondering (oh I would go WA5 all the way...)


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