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WA5 K1000 connector with LCD-3 and balanced cable

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by rumbleripper, Jan 21, 2012.
  1. Rumbleripper
    I posted this on the Woo Audio thread, but thought I would try to reach a wider audience to answer my question:
    I am wondering if anyone has tried the LCD-2/3's out of the K1000 connector on the WA5 (not the LE version) with a balanced XLR connector?
    Firstly, will this work? Secondly, is there any sonic advantage with this opposed to using the regular ¼" connector?
    Reason I am asking is that I currently have a WA22 that I am using to drive my LCD-3's with a Norse Audio balanced cable. I have just purchased Modena's WA5 here and it should be arriving Monday or Tuesday depending on when customs clears the package. I have heard that you can use the K1000 connector for the HE-6's, so I am assuming the LCD-3's could also be driven that way.
    I will know once my unit arrives and will report back, but while I sit here waiting….! Time sometimes just goes by soooo slowly.
    Thanks for any input.


  2. vinyllp33
    Yes, you can absolutely use the K1000 output with the LCD-3.

    I have not used those phones but was running HE-6's from my WA5 K1000 output with extremely good results.

    Both the LCD-3 and HE-6 have a 50ohm impedance which translates into around 6 watts of power into that load, with K1000 @ 120ohm it will put out 8 watts per channel.

    By comparison the 1/4in jacks produce a maximum of around 1.5 watts, still a lot of juice but the HE-6 really came to life from the K1000 jack.

    I know the LCD-3's are more sensitive but they can still handle an extreme amount of power, so I would definitely give it a try.

    Congrats on a very fine amp, I'm sure you will enjoy it very much.
  3. Audiogalore
    Congrats on your purchase. I have all the same components WA5 the LCD2 R1 and the HE6. First off hand the HE6 really requires more power than my thirsty K1000; so yes the HE6 fully benefits the K1000 output jack. Woo Audio intention originally designed it around the high current K1000. Lots of the headfiers seek the use of the vintage A/B speaker amps for this type of application. The advantage of the WA5 is that it a true class A amp that acts as a current source and keeps the RMS peak watts at a constant value. Inefficiency of these phones current is a must to get maximum performance. As far as the LCD2/3 you are best matched sound wise with the lower 1.5 watt SE jack in either low/high output depending on your source voltage outputting to the amp.
    Enjoy music!
  4. Rumbleripper
    Hey Audiogalore:
    Thanks for your thoughts. I will post up my impressions when my unit arrives.
    One thing it noted from Modena's upgrades was that he had a Sub-out installed in his (now mine) WA5. So I will be trying out the WA5 with my LCD-3's and a subwoffer to see if this gives me a better audio experience. Should be able to feel the bass with this setup and still have the intimacy of headphones.
    Audiogalore, how do you like your HE6's compared to theK1000's and the LCD-2's out of the Woo? Is there one headphone you prefer out of this setup or does it depend on the music you are listening to?
  5. Audiogalore
    Hi Rumble:
    You are welcome, sound like a plan and anxious once unit arrives on your input and thoughts.
    The sub out is going to really give you added dimension. As far as the K1000/HE6 and the LCD2 out of the Woo all are fantastic with different sound and behavior due to drivers and design.
    1) The K1000 really are head speakers that has a incredibly wide and deep sound stage with spot on accuracy and because of the current of the WA5 it really allow the lack of bass everyone mentions shines through.
    2) The HE6 has holographic that is absolutely the best I've heard from any phone.
    3) The LCD2 that has been ridiculed being too creamy and thick, becomes more sharper and not so dull in the low frequencies.
    As far as the like of which phones again it depends on music.
    HE6 is great for Classical and tradition Jazz
    LCD2 is great with Pop/Reggae and contemporary type music with up beat sound.
    K1000 is in a league by itself that delivers with total accuracy without coloration.
    I really like all the phones and once I have 150 hours burn in time with my recently purchased HE6; I will be reviewing both HE6/LCD2 ortho phones.
    Enjoy music!
  6. Rumbleripper
    Hi Everyone:
    I received my WA5 from Modena (excellent Head-fi'er by the way). Amp was in mint condition. Fast shipping! The crates Woo supplies are heavy duty.
    Have compared it to the WA22, and without question the WA5 is the better amp IMO, with my system. The soundstage seems to envelope you more with the WA5. Base is deeper, highs appear more defined. Placement of instruments are much better with the 5 than the 22. This is all with the LCD-3's, did not try it with the LCD-2's or the HD-650's. I would imagine the outcome to be the same, only not as good as with the LCD-3's.
    Not much I can say more than this with respect to the differences between the WA5 vs the WA22.
    Modena's WA5 was modded with a sub out and I did try hooking as subwoofer up while listening with the LCD's. You could really feel the base, but for some reason, it was distorting the sound coming out of the headphones. In particular, the highs became much more "raspy"  and rough in nature. Not worth the extra base effect vs the degradation in sound quality. When I first tried this it was very bad, but realized that my RCA cord going to my sub was almost touching the umbilical cord connecting the power amp to the drive amp. When I moved it, it improved it a fair bit, but still the headphones did not sound as clear as without the sub. I did play around with cord placement as much as my patience at setup would allow, but could not remove the interference (could also be internal to the amp)? I sent Jack Woo an email about this, hope to hear back if it could be an internal problem or just shielding for the wires.
    I will wait to hear back from him. If he states it is not the amp will consider upgrading the cables, as the effect with the sub was quite good if the headphones would be as clean with it connected.
    Just to list my source components, I am running a 2010 Mac Mini with a solid state 60Gig internal drive for the OS (Snow Leapord 10.6.8 server, running in 64bit mode). I have and external Firewire RAID 500Gig drive that stores my iTunes library. The Mac has a USB out to my Calyx DAC which is feeding the WA5 via RCA jacks, and the WA22 via Blue Jean balanced cables. I have ordered upgraded RCA interconnects, which are on the way.
    I am using Audirvana, Pure Music, Amarra MINI and Fidelia as players, and after extensive listening, am probably going to settle on Pure Music as it seems to widen the soundstage and improve the sound the most.
    Most of my music are ripped CD's into iTunes via lossless encoding. I have purchased many albums online in 24/96 and 24/192 which my DAC supports and the sound IMO is to die for out of the WA5.
    I stated I would be posting up some Pics so here goes:
  7. vvanrij
    Beautiful pictures, I love the WA5's looks.
  8. Golfnutz


    Look nice. Well done!
  9. Rumbleripper
    Thanks Golfnutz:
    I see you've listed your WA22! Someone is going to be very happy!
    Your amp is identical to mine, am considering whether to sell or not. Will wait until yours is sold before I consider listing mine.
    Are you considering a WA5 or some other headphone amp?
    I took your advise and ordered some 596 tubes with adaptors from Glenn. Waiting to get the adaptors in, the tubes have arrived and am interested in comparing how they sound compared to the EML 5U4G's in the W5.
  10. Audiogalore
    Hey Rumble, congrats on your great setup. Enjoy the many features and benefits that the WA5 has to offer for a wide selection of phones. I know you mentioned you are considering a transformer exciter to drive your future electrostatic phones. I use a Stax SRD7 MKII as one of my options to drive my electrostatic phones and getting a nice warm and articulate 300B sound presentation from my WA5.
    Enjoy music!
  11. Modena
    I'm very happy you're pleased.
    It looks great with all of that company.
  12. Silent One
    [​IMG]  Rumbleripper, I like the creativity displayed in keeping the headphone cable off the ground. 
  13. Rumbleripper


    Thanks. It kind of fell into place! [​IMG]
  14. Draygonn
    Beautiful! I like the idea of the sub-out. Hope you get it functioning properly. I use a Buttkicker attached to my chair for that effect.
  15. Golfnutz


    Hey Rummble,
    Thanks for the consideration of simultaneous classified. Mine is pretty well sold. Received the funds via Pay Pal last night. You should be good to go!
    I hope you get the same experience from the 596 as I did, and the member I sold them to....
    I've order the BHSE. Now I just need to save for some SR-009.

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