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WA3 vs WA6

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lamitchell, Oct 30, 2010.
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  1. avsBuddy
    Thanks for the pix Skeptic, just as Jack told me in a somewhat cryptic way, stock socket pins are also gold plated. So I decided to go with the ceramic sockets in lieu of the Teflon upgrade and ordered WA2. I will report back when I get it - with pictures of course! Jack estimates 4 weeks build time.
  2. PascalT
    Would the Wa3 or Wa6 be a huge upgrade over a LittleDot MKIII? I'm currently mulling over upgrading my amp and I am also on the waiting list for a pair of Audeze LCD-2 so if I do decide on buying them I'd need an amp to match with the 650s and LCD2... In that case the WA6 would be best right? What about just WA3 vs LD3? Is it worth the swap price?
  3. skeptic

    You're welcome, and thanks for sharing the info from Jack regarding gold plating on all of the sockets.  Good to have that issue resolved.
    I'll look forward to your WA2 pics.  It is a wonderful HP amp, and I have no doubt that it will bring you many years of profound enjoyment [​IMG]
  4. matthewh133
    Get the 6. Great pairing with the HD650 and much more versatile with lower impedance phones.
  5. Lucaswonder
    Got this from Frank (from woo audio)
    "The WA3 is designed to work well with high impedance headphone like the HD800, and would be a better choice for the HD800. The WA6 would also sound good but would be a better choice for lower impedance headphones."
    Have you compared both on HD800 (or HD650)?
  6. skeptic
    Lucas - I think you inadvertently bumped a 3 year old thread, but I'm still alive and kickin and happy to chime in.
    I liked my WA3 quite a bit with hd650's several years back, but it lacks the dynamics and detail (and more sophisticated circuitry) of similarly priced otl amps that are now available.  The bottlehead crack is now the budget tube amp to beat in my opinion.  It is a totally beginner friendly diy kit (my first such project in fact), and is also frequently available on the FS forum or through builders that work with bottlehead. It is cheaper than either of the woos, and to my ears, far outperforms them with any of the 300ohm Sennheisers or 250 ohm+ Beyers.  The popular speedball upgrade loads the crack's tubes with constant current which avoids voltage sag and provides a tighter, cleaner sound than what you get from the woos (arguably, even among their more expensive models).  A transformer coupled amp, like the WA6, would still be a better choice with low impedance headphones though.  OTL's and low impedance phones are a bad match.
    With respect to hd800's, I would recommend against the WA3 based on my time with both amps.  WA3 (and its more powerful, more highly resolved sibling, WA2) have a full and pleasing sound that is very nice with less agile headphones (e.g. hd650's), but they lack the detail and dynamics to show off what hd800's can really do (all my opinion of course).  Others in the hd800 thread still recommend the WA2, but it costs 2x what a crack does and doesn't have a constant current supply for its tubes.  I spent quite a while with both the WA3 and crack, and even before installing my speedball, the crack was an obvious favorite for me.  It is an awesome hd650 amp, a great budget pairing with hd800's and a super fun way to learn a little diy.  Depending on your price range, you might also take a look at the recently released bottlehead mainline - which is an absolute totl match for hd800's.
  7. GrindingThud
    Holy old thread batman! :)
    Yep, I ended up putting a speedball based CCS in my WA3....it's a different amp with that mod.

  8. skeptic
    I still really want to hear that hotrodded WA3+ of yours GT!  Don't suppose we could sucker you into making an appearance at the March So. Cal meet? [​IMG]
  9. GrindingThud
    Being an east coastie, it's just too far away.....but would if I could. :frowning2:
    I do plan on bringing it and my krell ksa5 clone to the VA/DC meet in January. :)
  10. Lucaswonder
    Sorry I didn't notice that this thread is that old. I'm really glad you jumped and I appreciate the sharing of your experiences. I have bought the wa6 based on your post, and I do value the speed and detail over the warmer tonality.
  11. guildenstern
    Yeah, I'm weighing in on a dormant thread, but couldn't let this comment pass unremarked -- headphone comfort is a highly subjective matter, different for each individual. I can wear AKGs (specifically, my K702 65th Anniversary model) for extended periods without discomfort. I recently sold my Senn 650s because I couldn't wear them 15 minutes without feeling the head-clamped-in-a-vise sensation, with a particularly uncomfortable pressure point around the lower jaw area. Many folks describe the 650s as very comfortable; for me, the AKG Annies have proven a lot more comfortable. But as I said, headphone comfort is highly subjective....
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