WA22 let's roll some tubes (Done Mod, Burnning-in)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by seamaster, Oct 22, 2009.
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  1. leftside
    Crikey the Ken Rad must have gone up a lot in price lately then. I'd choose the ECC32 any day as long as you can find a nice pair. A lot seem to have been well used.
  2. kyle1010
    Interesting thing happened the other day..wondering if you guys can confirm my suspicions. I’ve been running a Hugo 2 through my WA22 since September and haven’t loved it. Way too distant sounding, lean, scratchy highs, and just overall hollow signature. I was thinking, how? Tubes were my usual TS5998s, Sylvania metal base 6SN7s, and WE422A, good stuff right? Sounded incredible with Mojo as dac. So I tried Hugo 2 straight to the LCD-4s sans WA22 and voila, rich presentation is back, treble is more natural, other than note impact and lush tube euphonics it’s a win. So it must be the WA22 somehow. I swap in my cheapo Psvane stock rectifier and everything smooths out and sounds lovely. Huh? My thinking is that since Hugo 2 already presents a very wide soundstage and sparkling highs..that mixed with the WE422A doing the same thing to the sound was too much and things got weird and “out of phasey”? The Psvane was my most intimate and full sounding rectifier tube so maybe it was a balance thing? I’m shooting from the hip here I really have no clue. But now I have an expensive 422A sitting around that sounds like crap with my new Hugo 2 dac. Well, if I have to stick to full/intimate sounding rectifiers now, do you guys have any recommendations? Thoughts?
  3. BillinSF
    Well, these tubes are all 60-70 years old. Sounds to me like the 422A may be worn out; they don't last forever. Just my humble opinion.
  4. kyle1010
    Interesting. But weird that it would start sounding wack instantly the day I switched from Mojo to Hugo 2 as dac.
  5. BillinSF
    I guess I misread your post. Have no idea why DAC change alone would matter.
  6. kyle1010
    Yeah that’s the mystery. Wide dac + wide rectifier = too wide? Therefore hollow, lean, and unnatural sounding? Tubes are weird. Anyway, suggestions for an intimate/full sounding rectifier?
  7. Badas
    I find DAC’s voltage really plays havoc with most Woo products. I’ve heard it on my WA22 and my mates WA5. There was a big discussion on it somewhere but I can’t find it now.
    Pre-amping gets rid of the problem. Control the volume input.
    I use my V281 to preamp to my WA22. It cleans up the whole thing.

    The issues I hear with this phenomenon is treble gets harsh and transitor sounding, things get lean.
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  8. Usejimmy
    Have any one compared WE421A vs Tung Sol 5998 ? some say its the same, some say WE got better clarity and separation and Tung sol better low end kick?
  9. kyle1010
    Hmmm. Yeah I’ll try lowering the volume from Hugo 2’s line out level and see if that helps.
  10. kyle1010
    I’ve never heard WE421A but the TS5998s definitely have excellent low end kick and are of higher gain than the stock WA22 tubes. They’re a little warmer sounding than stock as well.
  11. attmci
    On all amps, the WE421A performs better. Clear-top 5998/Chattham 2399 (bottom getter) is closer to a WE421A than normal ones (top getter).

    What's your amp? For WA22, you may want to try those 6bx7 tubes too. I love those tubes. Even Matt don't think so. LOL
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  12. Usejimmy
    This is my Setup :D
    20180106_165034.jpg 20180106_164958.jpg
  13. Usejimmy
    I just bought some new Tubes from Ebay, (5998) that's why i ask vs the (WE 421).
    I am trying to get some more bass and soften the highs on my HD 800S
    I hope i will like them all, if not i will be selling this Beauties again!
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
  14. BillinSF
    Ken-Rad VT-231 dark glass driver tubes (1940's) are known for really powerful, tight bass.
  15. Usejimmy
    That's what some told me and then some say the ECC 32 is the better one with higher gain and more Bass so i just bought 2 pairs of ECC 32
    I'm still thinking about the Ken Rad
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