WA22 let's roll some tubes (Done Mod, Burnning-in)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by seamaster, Oct 22, 2009.
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  1. BillinSF
    You might enjoy reading these two threads to get some info as to what to look for. The good tubes are going to be $300-400 per pair for drivers and powers tubes and a little more a for a quality rectifier. I am 100% on board with the WE422A rectifier and Tung-Sol 5998 power tubes as the best. There is a big price variation for drivers (6SN7 or VT-231) and you pick according to taste and budget.

    Read the first couple of pages of each thread.


  2. kyle1010
    No I’m using Sylvania metal base chrome tops. I should have specified that but I didn’t even know there was a black base version my fault. Let us know how those sound though! And yeah, the 422a price is nuts, but the way I saw it is I’d probably spend that much on other rectfiers through trial and error trying to find that perfect sound. So, why not just get one of THE best right away and be done with it..which it is and I’d spend that again in a heartbeat.
  3. abvolt
    Anyone here playing with inexpensive tube combo's, here's one that's simply amazing sounding, (power tubes) 6BL7, (Driver tubes) 7N7 needs adapters, (rectifier tube) 5Z3 needs adapter that's about 55. for the tubes & about 28. for the adapters and I bet even the guys who only buy the most rare tubes would like this combo plus when one dies get another for about 10..Have fun
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  4. kyle1010
    Can you describe what each tube type does to the sound individually vs stock? And maybe what the combo all together sounds like through your LCD-3s?
  5. abvolt
    First of all for my power tubes my favorite is the holy grail of 6080's the TS 5998's their cost is like 175.-250. each. The 6BL7's (cost 10.-25.) are a high gain tube also with a very nice smoothness, it has a sweeter treble than most other 6080's (except for the mullard 6080).

    For driver tubes the mullard ECC35's are the favorites, very well detailed in their sq but they are of course 400.+ a pair. That said the 7N7 driver tube gives great nuance to tones and also has an astounding detail and resolution to them, not as good as the rare tubes but for a 10.-25. tube still very enjoyable.

    For rectifiers I have so many it's hard to say which is my favorite. The NU 5Z3 (it's like a type 80 so an adapter is needed) has a very smooth and deep low end very noticeable & enjoyable. This is one of the main reasons I got the wa22, because of it's huge tube rolling possibilities. I don't remember what the stock tubes sounded like I sold them long ago. I have a very nice collection of rare tubes also for the wa22, but it's fun seeing how good I can get the wa22 to sound on a 150. tube set vs. a 16-1800. tube set.

    You might also check out 6SC7 (adapter needed) & 6SL7GT's for driver tubes, I have a pair of brimar 6SC7's among my favorites for only 45.a pair hard to find but well worth it..enjoy
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    What type of 6SC7 have you tried the ones with metal casing or the GT and which one did you prefer .These adapters are ok http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pc-Gold-pl...ter-adapter-/191341604228?hash=item2c8cd92d84 Thanks
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  7. abvolt
    Hello Mike I have both glass & metal envelopes, the glass is much smoother, the metal almost has an ss sound to it, I enjoy both and yes that's the adapters you'll need. langrex.com has some really nice 6SC7GT by FIVRE around 28. each..
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    Think i will give them a go .Thanks for the infos .
  9. Usejimmy
  10. abvolt
    I've never seen them that cheap..
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  11. Usejimmy
    Is that good or bad? I just bought them ^^

    MATCHED PAIR and Unused he says! I dont know how to read if the tubes are good condition when he says..
    1. 15600-15200
    2. 16000-16200
  12. Usejimmy
    Is this the Rectifier you are using in your setup? :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Western-Ele...002174?hash=item3af2d2c3fe:g:mp8AAOSwMVdYD17Y
  13. kyle1010
  14. abvolt
    The 421a's have always been a little higher priced then the less premium 5998's..
    About the sound signature of the 6SC7GT do they sound similar to anything else or have a sound of there own Do you think they are worth it since there is added cost of adapters to consider ? Thanks
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