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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sfwalcer

    Better late than never son that's what your pops always say no???
    Meh GZA is ova' rated. Should stick with rappin' and not film. LMAO
  2. luberconn
    this is what i do when i'm listening to my rap musics
  3. dakanao
    I do it the same as the guy in the white shirt when I'm listening to fast raps [​IMG]
  4. dakanao
    This is a masterpiece:

  5. luberconn
    lol.  nice moves dakanao.  that vid you posted is no longer available.  [​IMG]  tech n9ne is decent.  i like twistas old stuff.



  6. dakanao
    Here it is lubercon: http://www.mp3-telechargement.com/tech-n9ne-ft-eminem-krizz-kaliko-speedom-worldwide-14901.html
  7. nastynice
    I just discovered this album recently, Tragedy Khadafi - Saga of a Hoodlum, its actually really sick, if you like Nas - Illmatic I think you will like this
    My fave track on it

  8. luberconn

    moriez likes this.
  9. nastynice
    ^^hey, are you from washington state?  I got this cd, its called "walkman rotation", mixed by dj j-rocc, its a bunch of Seattle mc's (some portland and sd too) put out by I wanna say conception records, that album is absolute gold!!  I don't know if I'm the only one who always bumps my local peeps, lol, but you might appreciate it.
    couple tracks

    They have it available on amazon if you want it
  10. nastynice
    Hey speaking of dj mixes, I really like albums like the one above, or "World Famous Beat Junkies" by Beat Junkies or "New York Reality Check 101" by DJ Premier, anyone know of some other dj mixes where they put out those underground heads?
  11. luberconn
    yeh man, i'm in WA state but don't really listen to any of the locals.  I'm from spokane and currently live in central WA.  homie i went to high school with is in the seattle underground scene.  he's alright.  i know he was recently down south on a tour but dont know the details. I'll check out your mix over the weekend.  i'm always down to try different stuff.  thanks.
  12. razevi3
    After years of speculation, it finally happened. Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko & Eminem - Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2): 
    EDIT: Being able to rap fast is easy. Especially when it comes to Twista, his raps are usually just on the beat, beat, beat. Count, count, count. In other words, very damn predictable and boring. The real talent is doing everything we know and THEN rhyming off beats, etc. etc. There's no way to explain this in words, except to rhyme in real life.

    With crazy underground rappers, I CANNOT replicate their rhymes just by reading their poetry. I have to listen to them. See where this is going? Hip-hop is a dynamic art. Period. 
  13. dakanao
    I think Krizz Kaliko had the best verse.
  14. KamijoIsMyHero
    A few freestyles from Jada, probably prepping his new album



    Also some from Fab, who is probably making a mixtape with DJ CLUE. I wasn't really feeling his new album enough to buy em but if he released music like these, dude has my money. Mixtape Fab is fire.




    So simple, good beats, hard rhymes. No need to connect dots, lookin at angles and ****.
  15. razevi3
    Ah, I didn't see your (@dakanao) link on Speedom before. My bad, haha.
    EDIT: Your quote didn't post for some reason:
    P.S. @KamijoIsMyHero, had no idea that Jada and Loso have new albums coming out. Looking forward to 'em.
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