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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. sixly
    Liverpool Football Club...soccer.  Laugh away.

  2. MrViolin
    you too funny meng. Sixly seems to love rap [​IMG]
  3. iambasedgod
    BOOOOOOO classicc ruined da song with the WOAT verse tbh 
  4. KamijoIsMyHero
    kinda contradicts his stage name lol
  5. sfwalcer
    ^ Always spam always. [​IMG]  Sixly seems to be in the right thread then, what about you??? [​IMG]
    I have no idea who that fool is tbh, track was alright tbh.
    Maybe his name should be "Dusty" instead. HE HE HE [​IMG] 
  6. JayDogon

  7. sfwalcer

    WOW this is literally the 1st tyme i listened to a Jay E track in full, might have listened to some features in the past but i forget. Good stuff though, but when that album coming out though??? [​IMG]
  8. KamijoIsMyHero
    I thought he puts in work in through mixtapes and guest spots. I have been out of the mixtape circuit around the same time he blew up so I always thought he was a mixtape dude since he wasn't popping publicly.
  9. sfwalcer

    But isn't he signed to Jay-Z label though??? He got A LOT of buzz but kept pushing back his album for unknown reasons so all he gots are mixtapes i guess. Still how can you be signed to a major label like that and not bring in some cash with an album or 2???
    Jay-Z might felt REALLY threatened by him and is sitting on his stuff to make sure he never sees day light. hoho [​IMG]
    He is almost reaching Detox level meng, or Yoon Mi Rae to be exact. :)
  10. KamijoIsMyHero
    There were numerous artists with problems with Jay Zs' management, its partly due to that rhi rhi being a cash cow and spending less effort promoting rap artists.
    If Jay E really did have a major buzz then he should have an album out but I think he is too talented for the public to accept, instead you get 2 Dangly Chainz running around talking like he the ****.
    Looking at the Def Jam roster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Def_Jam_Recordings it's a pretty interesting line-up, Jay E isn't one of them though
  11. sfwalcer

    ^ Your stuff is dusty as ALWAYS.
    He is signed under Jay_Zs personal label fool. OH IT FEELS SOOOOOOOO GUD TO BE RIGHT ALL THE TYME!!! [​IMG]
  12. iambasedgod
    Jay E will release his album when hes not married to a banker :p 
  13. sfwalcer

    LoL what??? [​IMG]
    Shouldn't bankers know how to make bank??? He not releasing/ milking his fame/ buzz while the iron is hot is a stupid move at best. [​IMG] And he ain't getting younger/ prettier as well. : P
  14. JayDogon
    Its part of his 3 part magic trick story line that he developed for his 3 albums.
    He will drop it at the same time as Detox and Half Life 3
  15. KamijoIsMyHero
    oh it's relatively new, no wonder I haven't heard about it. Although it's a shame that label is called the Roc Nation, such a far cry from Roc A Fella Records whom were quite the power house just about a decade ago
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