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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. MrViolin
    Big bird is watching [​IMG] careful walker
  2. sfwalcer

    LoL he subs to my HYPE THREAD, posted those gifs tons of times already you noob. [​IMG]
  3. MrViolin
    [​IMG]well, excuse me.
  4. sfwalcer
    ^ yeppp that is a pretty fun thread as well. Just wish others post more hype material so i don't have to be the only dood posting. haha
    i am sure they all read funny crazy hype posts here all the tyme when they do research etc, so why not just link it/ post it. :p
  5. MrViolin
    It's ok Masta Lame [​IMG]
    There's no need to drown in shame
    Cause ya still are walking on the road to fame
  6. sfwalcer

    Nursery rhymes is lame is lame.
    Cuz they all sound the same. [​IMG]
    touche touche
  7. sixly
    Oh snap I'm back.
  8. sfwalcer

    Who is you??? [​IMG]
    j/k welcome back whoever you are. [​IMG]
  9. sixly
    My flow is smoother then buttah.
    And here is a little humor via Craigslist:
  10. sfwalcer
    Smooth like liquid GOLD!!! [​IMG]

    GO NINERS!!!
  11. sixly
    Needs more cowbell [​IMG]...btw why is there a Beyer DT880 emoticon but no DT770?  Discrimination!  

  12. sfwalcer
    ^ No bells, just pure trap. :)

  13. sixly
    After watching the Liverpool game today this pretty much sums up how I feel. [​IMG]

  14. MrViolin
    stop the lame masa roll
  15. sfwalcer
    ^ What's a "Liverpool game"??? [​IMG]
    Slow your spam_roll sama.......
                                                                                            where-eggroll.jpg cuz ya' know we Chinese. [​IMG] ​
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