W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.
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^ Em fanboi-ism tsk tsk tsk!!!

STOP YELLING AT ME EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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or some cake


proper rap make you wanna..



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  ^ Yes Yes YES!!! i like these sweet much better.
IU loss!!! Back to your box of shame.

Ooops wrong thread but oh well. : P

Says the guy with a box for a head
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Says the guy with a box for a head

Hey hey don't knock it till you try it. : P
You ain't gots that Box Swag meng, i own IU forever now.

Got any cyclops comeback gifs???
Very much interested, c'mon don't hold out on me know. I know you got like a massive load stash just waiting to be unleashed. :)

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TwinQY , and other obscure interested parties.
Run through this album with some headphones on. It'll give your brain a good massage, maybe other parts will get affected and feel the vibes who knows...I betcha. wink wink nudge nudge knowwhutimean knowwhutImean
their label is here
you need to click the hyperlinked bandcamp word under each to check em out. All Mediafire links "R" dun.
I'l be buying as soon as i find a way to deal with all 6 windows open right now, and the other virtual desktops .
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