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Vsonic vsd5 first impressions

  1. krishtrinity1
    Finally got my hands on vsd5,if you can't see the number on the box it's 2038.I don't get why the vsonic are making 6000 of these,they are worth every penny they are very comfortable for long use i have used it for 4 hours and the sound quality is getting better and better,i think Madmax soundtrack might have a hand in speeding up the burning in,anyway i couldn't find any issues with the build quality they are very comfortable in the ear for long use,i am using the silicone tips factory fitted on the earphone,tried the included foam tips and didn't find it to fit very well on my ear.As for the soundquality,i was surprised to see that sound is just the way i like it,tight midbass with a little bit of sub bass,harsh treble(not very harsh),clear mids and the wide soundstage.I have read there is some sibilance in the sound but compared to my ath m40x these are nowhere near that level of sibilant.
    Songs tested with vsd5
    Kill la Kill soundtrack-The lack of subbass is noticeable with this song other than that the sound is amazing,soundstage and the tight bass goes well with this song,much much better than my old klipsch s4,there is no way on earth i am going back to the klipsch after using the vsd 5.
    Chapter Doof(Mad Max Fury Road soundtrack)-The wide soundstage really makes this track really exciting,treble is a bit harsh couldn't get the clarity in the treble like i get when i listen to this track with radius 90 speakers,i found myself headbobbing during the electric guitar part of the track,damn the soundtrack of this movie is just as good as the movie.
    Perfect Lie Steven Wilson-If you haven't listened to this album,i suggest you hear it ASAP,anyway the female vocal in this song is clear and not recessed at all.The agility in the sound  is amazing,i am really glad vsonic has not tuned this inear with more subbass,if you listen to rock just buy them already
    I will make a more detailed impression after they have burned in,can't comment if this inear is as good as gr07 but vsd5 has easily blown my expectations and i have a new respect to the manufacturers of this headphone for making such a great sounding inear for such a low price.
  2. sarathnjan007
    nyc :wink:
  3. krishtrinity1
    thanks,make a review of dunu titan 1 when you get it

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