Vsonic SUCKS!
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Jan 23, 2015
Got burned again... got the vc1000. Sounded amazing for a few months than right was suddendly quieter, ohh well. Now lefty just died. FYI these were stricktly on the desk 24/7 no rough treatment at all.

My second vsonic purchase and they dont last very long; just to warn anyone who reads trying to make up thier mind. Yes like the reviews say, they sound amazing but are piles of $100 crap. And the msi gd65 mobo they are plugged into certianly isnt causing it.

I guess this is the last time i buy iems.. im going to have to suck it up and just buy the **** off the shelf at wally world, because the **** off the shelf seems to last forever. (Humm $100 can get logitec g430 at wally world. Yup here i come)

So anyone thinking about getting into these iems and reading long winded reviews here.. just pass them up, its not worth it unless you spend wheelbarrels sized loads on custom fit bullshhhhhhhh1.

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