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  1. all999
    Thanks. So that's it on waiting for GR09. My wallet just turned the other side. Anyway, curious of Your further impressions.
  2. Shuon
    Just got the news the electroplated version of gr09 will start preorder next month. It should be the version for mass production. Not yet know if it is plastic or ceramic. The company said the sound keeps the same and price is still around $280. Because of the reduction of manufacture cost, they will give a stock cable of PCOCC (single core copper cable). I think such a cable normally has price of at least $100 and since the cable uses mmcx it is convenient to use this cable for other IEMs. Personally I think PCOCC cable is really useful and I use it a lot on my IEMs.
  3. Holypal
    Electroplated version is plastic housing.
  4. ForceMajeure
    What is electroplated? The driver or the housing? Getting lost here...[​IMG]
  5. Shawn71

    Diaphragm is carbon nano tube material.....so its the shells ,,,to be more cheaper than the original ceramics for consumers.
  6. hi-fi amateur
    Is the GR09 officially out on the market? And how much does it retail for?
  7. NNewman
    Last news. Gr09 are available for preorder. Only Silver colour for 1999y will be PLASTIC. ALL OTHER COLOURS for 2499 and ceramic housing. Black is not available .
  8. Shuon
    Just got my Gr09 black ceramic version. For some reasons it took two weeks for shipment from China to US. I have tried mojo, fiio x7&am2a, and iPhone 7. I think it will certainly be a new benchmark on around $300 after mass production. iPhone 7 is not enough to drive it but the sound is still not bad on iPhone 7. It is much easier to drive than gr07x. The sound is kind of perfect on its price range and much better than gr07x.
  9. GitBash
    Please share some pictures.
  10. mochill
    More sound impression please
  11. WilliamCruz
    Does it have a fully removable cable?, if so my wallet is ready, GR07 user ever since first iteration.
    Last edited: May 17, 2017
  12. NNewman
    So, now the time comes to finish Mt preordained on GR09 on Tao. Since there are no so much real impressions. I'm really wondering is it worth the price (now 400usd for ceramic version) over 100usd for gr07 version? And still it is possible to order Hisenior full custom monitors T8 version ( 8 BA drivers per side) on Ali for 499 usd...
    Can't make a dessigion weather pull a trigger or not...
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  13. Raketen
    wow that's a pretty crazy price for 8BA customs... buying 16 BA drivers themselves would probably cost that much or more... idk if that is a good thing or a bad thing lol.

    Have you done CIEM before? Careful if you can't demo them first - as I learned the hard way, it can be very frustrating waiting a month or two + more if it needs refitting, only to get a sound you don't llike... plus by the time you get them there might be more impressions of GR09
  14. Nícolas Arruda Bezerra
    I Love my Gr07, but the plastic housing is starting to fall.... What's the difference between the ceramic and the plastic on the construction? Hardness? Resonances?
  15. all999
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