Vsonic GR07 verses Vsonic GR07 MkII
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Jan 6, 2013
I have the VsonicGR06 which I'm very pleased with great sound great build quality and am thinking of upgrading to the Vsonic GR07's. I have the option of buying either the original GR07 or the GR07 MkII. Has any one an opinion on which is the better set to buy and does anyone know what the differences are between the original and the MkII's? I have read glowing reports on theGR07 but nothing on the GR07 MkII
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Soundwise they're very similar. However, the cable on the MKII is much more flexible, and also much more attractive (to me). Keep in mind that they both sound rather different than the GR06.
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What about the differences in the GR07 BE and GR07 MKII? I would understand the bass is more pronounced in the BE but what else differs in the sound signature? Mids, Highs soundstage etc.?
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The cable is pretty much the only difference. How it affects sound is still unclear, since different people have had slightly different impressions. However, most agree that any changes are near unnoticeable.
I have not heard the bass edition before, but if you ask in the GR07 thread, somebody may be able to help you.

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The difference in sound between the GR07 and GR07MKII isn't noticeable imo but they do fit better over the ears as the old pair you had to use guides because they wouldn't stay at all without them.
I'm wondering if the GR07 Bass Edition really has a noticeable difference in the bass because I think the bass of the regular GR07 is very good in impact and depth.
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Plug them into your music source and let them at for 50-100 hours straight on a decent volume. The breaks in the drivers in the headphones.

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