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VSONIC GR07 Impressions Thread

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  1. WhiteKnite
    Modded my old BE to mmcx for my Bluetooth adapter for the gym. That green epoxy will be painted black once it dries. 20161109_203050.jpg
  2. Mozu
    Post-election hangover thoughts:
    Smooth, well-extended treble
    Mids more forward, but not shouty/unnatural
    Better quality bass than BEs, w/ less mid-bass, more sub
    Outstanding separation, microdetails rate "decent, not super"
    Vastly improved soundstage depth over the other 07 models
    Soft, pliable cable
    Unfortunately, the same suspect construction (though supposedly new materials?)
    Zero regrets in shelling out the dough. Going to try and get s'more time with them today, but so far I'm thrilled.
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  3. Airlight
    First impressions with unbalanced cable from a Schiit Magni.
    - General sound balance is not dramatically different, and is well preserved from the GR07 Classic.
    - FR seems more linear on first listen, upper mids slightly more present over GR07C, and the treble dip around 12K seems slightly more present, lower mids aren't quite as present as before. Basically take the innerfidelity FR curve and just flatten it a bit all over.
    - Driver seems better controlled and clarity overall aswell as the nuances in reverb and ambience are more easily heard over GR07C, layering depth-wise is the most prominent change to my ears.
    - Sound is still dynamic and snappy and open-sounding as before.
    - Overall the sound feels a bit too me like the "New VSD3S" sound done in an excellent way, more linear than NVSD3S, and treble doesn't exhibit the harsh peak and texture I feel that has, yet the excellent clarity and soundstaging/soundfield of NVSD3S is preserved.
    - GR07C to me is pretty wide in soundstage, GR07X seems even wider due to better clarity in room rendering.
    - Locating source of sounds is easier, the slightly diffuse, frizzy edge to GR07C isn't quite as prevalent. This might be entirely due to the rebalanced treble which now doesn't have the same obvious peakiness (Note that this could be different from IEM to IEM since my GR07Cs are all a bit different).
    - Regardless driver seems better controlled and room sound and ambience queues are very enjoyable (movie soundtracks are larger in size and seem a bit more interesting to listen to compared to before).
    - Going back to the GR07C using the same tips, GR07C seems a bit more vivid. The difference, assuming volume is the same, sounds to me like if you are closer to a band, or slightly further away. Right in front the speaker cabs are going to snarl and ripple, but you risk loosing track of the subtle strings underneath. GR07X seems to try to present the meat and body, and the more nuanced aspects, in a more balanced way. GR07X is slightly tighter and clear, GR07C is slightly looser and unfocused in comparison.
    - Lower mids seem less bloomy on Gr07X, which gives them slightly more focus on the mids and treble. Honestly GR07X is probably more tonally accurate. Keep in mind I've used my GR07C every day so I'm a bit biased.
    Overall on first hour of listening, GR07X seems technically to be slightly above GR07C, however I'd say both still texture and detail the same, only with slightly different presentation in FR, soundstage and treble color.
    Quite happy with the sound of the GR07X, have yet to tip roll as much as I have with the Classic.
    Yeah, I think the best way for me to describe them is like the love child of a GR07 and a "New VSD3S" where the qualities of both are combined and shortcomings (at least technically) of both are ironed out. That said I still think GR07C is a very competitive option for half the price, and it seems just slighty less tight, slightly more "analog", slightly warmer, with a more in your face presentation with a bit less control, while keeping the same level of snap and detailing.
    Will give these a few days and tip roll like a madman.
    EDIT: Just changing to different pair of tips has yielded a different sound, very enjoyable. If you like the GR07, the GR07X are definitely an upgrade. Will probably use them at home though for the honeymoon period, just in case...
    So glad Vsonic are still alive and kicking and working on their Biocell drivers.
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  4. ghostie72
    In my opinion, I like the BE better because of its elevated mid bass presence. I did an audition for GR07x side by side with my BE and found that the X is slightly on the neutral side with a slight improvement on the highs, smoother i guess. People tend to claim that GR07 series are plagued with sibilence issue but to me I am not affected perhaps my aging ears. I played DSOTM track 1 - the heart beat track, which had quite a fair bit of 30hz information but can't detect much of a difference between the two iem.

    So the main question is would I spend more for GR07X? No. The improvement is only marginal and more over, the neutral sounding signature doesn't suit me. The smoother high should improve the detail retrieval but again I couldn't detect any. Perhaps again this is due to my age. Soundstage wise, I don't think it matter much because I never believe a close and well isolated iem would offer any significant discernable difference.

    More concern to me is the build quality. Other than the interchangeable cable, everything seems to be the same. If vsonic truly listens to us, they should have improved the cable relief as this is the first to fail. This is my second BE. The first failed right after 1 year. Paying almost 2x the amount of my BE, it is just senseless.

  5. omastic
    Finally had the opportunity to demo the new GR07X. My impression more or less mirrors @Airlight 's and @Mozu 's posts above. 
    The GR07X 's tuning is indeed flatter across the spectrum compared the GR07 Classic. Specifically it has reduced the overall bass presence and tamed the lower treble peaks, while adding a bit of upper mid presence and treble extension. This makes the GR07X sound more "conventionally neutral". Other aspects such as tonality and timbre are pretty much the same, but thanks to the better linearity of the frequency response the resulting sound has an improved sense of perceived clarity and openness. 
    Build and cosmetics haven't changed much, it has the same shape and ergonomics as before. Definitely disappointed to see a non-detachable cable, and I'm not entirely sure how much value the balanced connector adds. Even the cable material appears to be the same old. 
    I guess it isn't a bad value, assuming one is a fan of the dynamic driver timbre and texture. For me, the GR07 Classic is still the king of price/performance ratio.
  6. Tom22

    Can anyone comment the connectors just below the y split? Can u use use an old 3.5mm female to male connection?

    Or did vsonic make them proprietory like the vsd3s detachable cables
  7. Airlight
    Yow. Looks to me like a standard 2.5mm connector, so any standard cable would probably do fine. :)
  8. Airlight
  9. Tom22

    Thanks! That a sigh of relief, im tired of proprietory connectors (especially when their not readily available).

    It took vsonic a few months after to come out with the replacement cables for the vsd3s
  10. Airlight
    And I won't lie, going back to my favourite GR07 Classic. Soundstage is pushed back, imaging is not as sharp... But god damn do I love this thing. The GR07 Classic still has an incredibly vivid and hard, snappy punch. GR07X holds back slightly in favour or balance, but for sheer fun, Classic is still absolutely awesome.
    Vsonic, bring on the GR07 Classic with removable cable. I will buy them all. Love this thing to death.
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  11. Mozu
    If we're on that topic: VSD7 wheeeeeeeeen.
    Seriously, though, some final thoughts:
    Having lived with them for a bit now, the extra hundred for the X over the Classics (et al) is a no-brainer. Still sounds like an 07 with the few ugly bits smoothed out and everything else (but, yes, the construction*) vastly improved.
    Easily my favorite headphones to date, and everything I was after when I dipped my toe into CIEMs, and came away mainly disappointed. I will, however, feel like a complete dip if the VSD7 drops before or shortly after year's end. In the meantime, I cannot recommend them enough.
    *My Mk.Is survived four years of daily use--everything from housework to hiking and camping. Right up until I caught the cord on a cabinet doorknob like an idiot. Biggest piece of advice I can give is to get a solid case and treat 'em like they're little bits of plastic and wire that need some care.
  12. ghostie72

    This is exactly why I stayed away from GR07x because other than the marginal change in sound signature, the cable, which is the weakest link in the whole construction, is the first to fail. And we are expected to pay almost 2x more than a typical GR07 classic or BE. This is the reason why I switched to Mee Audio P1 Pinnacle.
  13. ForceMajeure
    So regarding the bass aspect for the new GR07X, they have less quantity than the GR07? So more subbass than the OG but less mid bass?
    If someone could elaborate more about it.
  14. ghostie72

    I have heard other reviewers saying there is more sub bass presence but to me, it is almost the same with the GR07 BE version. I used track 1 from DSOTM as a reference to test for sub bass because there were quite a fair bit of 30hz information in that track. Unfortunately, there wasn't much difference as compared to the BE. On the other hand, BE mid bass is definitely more pronounce as compared to X.
  15. ForceMajeure
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