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VSonic GR06 or HiFiMan RE-400??? The top sub-$100 IEM?

  1. parth95
    Okay, ignoring the price difference..
    For Rock (all kinds of rock), would the RE-400 beat out the GR06, or other way around?
    I am not an audiophile by any means...to me, the Klipsch S4i sounded perfect..so yea. But since im spending the money, I want the best I can get, you know?
    I like hearing the distinct instruments, and hearing the words spoken are really important..
    I figure that if I spend the extra $35 for the RE-400, I get a warranty, whereas I get iffy warranty with the GR06, so that is the tossup. The quality of sound determines my answer.
    Original Thread:
  2. zamorin
    What do you mean you get "iffy' warranty from Vsonic? I would assume they give the same warranty as RE-400. I believe GR06 will be better in rock genre than RE-400, which has a more flat frequency response from the reviews.
  3. parth95
    Ahh, I apologize for not elaborating!
    I mean, VSonic will make me send the product to China, which should cost a good amount, and it will take much longer..which will make me debate if it's worth it.
    Thank you for the reply!
    Yeaa, thats what I been reading too, that the RE-400 seem "flat" although I am not experienced enough of an audiophile to actually understand..
  4. zamorin
    Re-400 is also from China. You don't have to sent it back to China?
  5. parth95
    Okay, from my previous thread, here, I was told that the RE-400's warranty is normal, whereas for the GR06, that would need to be sent to China.

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