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Vsonic GR06. Any owners?

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  1. nipit
  2. yipcanjo
    They appear to be brand-new, despite the numbering system working backwards.  Grab them and let us know how they sound! :)
  3. mosshorn
    I might be picking up a pair of these Thursday, hopefully they will keep the sound sig of the GR07's.
  4. Inks
    I hope it doesnt sound like the GR07 as that will cause them to be overlooked. I'm hoping for a sound more in the vein of the Zero or PFE. Wishful thinking tho, I predict a more consumer oriented sound.
  5. ClieOS Contributor
    I'll receive one, probably later this or early next week.
  6. kiteki
    Sony EX600 had competition with the GR07, and now the new Sony XBA-1 / 2 / 3 / 4 with have direct competition with Vsonic GR00 / 01 / 08 / 09 / 99 !!!
  7. kckc

    Any more information on these new Vsonic models other than what ClieOS said?
  8. kiteki
    I can't read Chinese, so he is the one to ask.
    I just looked at the Vsonic company site with google translate.
  9. some1
    GR01 pricing is $210 i think
  10. Yggdrassilious
    Excellent insight. It is indeed the case that the GR06 has a slight emphasis on the lower body. However it has better clarity over the GR02 Silver Cable but not as good as the GR07 because the 06 uses cheaper components and stuff. 
    Still consider how many accessories it includes and that it still has the rotating nozzle, at $50 it's a pretty good value... Perhaps the GR01 will be more like PFE?

  11. dweaver

    I love my GR07 but if this is the case, these would make an excellent back up pair and alternative sound to the GR07 as well as give me a super kit of tips LOL, I was thinking of getting the FXT90 but may opt for these instead.

  12. goodvibes
    Hope it sounds good as it looks a great deal. I liked the form factor of the Gr07.
  13. goodvibes


    I already slightly prefer the PFE to the Gr07 but do think it's a pick em, personal preference thing. I'm willing to sacrifice some other things to get in a little futher like a gray filtered PFE can.
  14. HeatFan12 Contributor
    Well, been looking at VSONIC for a while, especially the GR07, but this deal seems very good.  Pulled the trigger on these to get my feet wet with VSONIC...Thanks for the heads up and link nipit...
  15. falcohf
    Has anyone had a chance to try these yet?
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