VPI Superscoutmaster/ Complete phono rig
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 26, 2004
This is my first posting for these items. I love this rig, but between the economy and the fact that I don't use it all that much I am considering selling it. I would prefer selling complete, and I would also prefer not having to disassemble and pack it. So I would consider hand delivering it from DC to Boston.

VPI Super-scoutmaster with Super-platter and SDS controller, with JWM 10.5i Tonearm with Nordost internal wiring. Record Weight and Periphery ring clamp. Also with ginko cover.

Dynevector 17D3 Mounted by VPI's tech in NJ (Under 100 hours)

Phono Stage - Einstein's The Turntables Choice

Record Cleaning Machine - VPI 16.5

This phono rig retails for well over $15000

I really don't want to go through the effort of breaking the system up. Separately it would all bring about $9000-$8000. As a package I'd take $7000 and I'll deliver it.

The basic fact is that I love Vinyl, but I'm lazy and my Computer based rig is so much easier to use.

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