VPI JMW - 9 Dropped Counterweight
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Get rid of unwanted vibration and significantly improve your sound with this new counterweight for your JMW 9!

It is difficult to appreciate why a mechanical modification to the rear end of a tone arm should have such an enormous influence on the overall sound. To explain this phenomenon, it is helpful to grasp firstly, that the signals generated by the cartridge cantilever are extremely small. These signals are then amplified thousands of times to produce the output at the speaker.

It follows that the slightest source of unwanted vibration and resonance is also magnified equally. Not only can unwanted vibration be introduced (coloration), but this vibration also affects the cantilever movement to cause distortion. It is the elimination of this spurious vibration that results in the large differences that exist between mediocre and high end arms, that's where the JMW Dropped Counterweight fits in!

The JMW Counterweight's unique design and precision machining puts the weight below the center line of the arm tube for superior stability and tracking and also utilizes direct coupling (locking screw) instead of using o-rings(indirect coupling).

The VPI Dropped Counterweights fit any VPI JMW tonearms that were ever made!

Weight: 3.8oz.

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