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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. bluewrx1025
    I always have my iPhone on me or near me. I'll have to experiment when I get the amp and see if I get any interference with my phone around.
  2. fiascogarcia
    Can't write an extensive post right now, but suffice to say the Pure II just seems to be getting better and better to me (probably brain burn in). Great resolution throughout the spectrum.  Great left/right and instrument separation. Very slightly forward in the upper mids, which is good for vocals.  And the low floor noise is very impressive.  Very neutral to my ears, and an amp that I would encourage anyone to try out.
  3. shigzeo Contributor
    I believe that Vorzüge are working on the interference issue. I may be trying a new one to test between two. That said, there are a LOT of amps out there that receive interference.
  4. bluewrx1025
    Well I received my Pure II today and got to try it out for a little while. All I can say is wow. This is buy far the best amp I think I've tried. I was using the RSA Shadow with my RWAK100, but now I think I've found a keeper with this Vorzuge. Now to send my RWAK for the S mod. [​IMG]
    I'll try and post some pictures of my setup tonight.
  5. bluewrx1025
    As promised.
  6. zeppu08

    Great photos!That's what you call portable!
  7. Cotnijoe
    Wheres the cable from? They look beautiful :)
  8. bluewrx1025
    Thanks! I've been trying to find the right combo for portability and have finally found it. :)

    Both cables are from a fellow Head-Fi'er. His name is Frank and his company is Toxic Cables. He can basically make anything you need cable wise and all his work is absolutely amazing.
  9. Cotnijoe
    Oh i completely missed the logo on it haha! Yea I've been an owner of toxic myself [​IMG]
  10. jwbrent
    I am so close to ordering a Pure II to be used with my AK240 and my XCs. This amp just seems to ring all the bells I'm looking for as a way to take my rig one step further. I already ordered some Double Helix Molecule SE cables for my XCs, but if I get this amp I'll need to change the order to a 3.5mm TRS connector from a 2.5mm TRRS.
    Question: I like the pearl white chassis but it's hard to see the texture from the website's pics. Anybody have experience with both finishes and a preference?
  11. fiascogarcia
    Don't know about the white, but the black body is a less glossy matte finish than either my RSA or Cypher Labs units.  Makes it more smudge proof IMO and looks very nice and stealth.
    jwbrent likes this.
  12. blownaway
    I'm building a portable/home system from scratch. What do think of this combo-
    AK120 (may go with S mod)
    Pure II amp
    Alpha Dogs (not commonly used as portable but for me just taking walks)

    Do you think these 3 compliment each other?
  13. zachchen1996
    for your dap, I would wait for impressions on the new ibasso dx90, it is similar in size with the pure ii, and from early impressions (from jamato), its sq seems very promising.
  14. DannyBai
    I've been using the AK120 (no mod) and Pure II for the past month and have no desire to do the mod.  Sounds exceptional together.  
  15. blownaway
    Hmm, I didn't know about the ibasso dx90.  I just bought a mint used AK120 from a fellow Head-Fi'er this week, so I'm set on the DAP front.
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